Worthless Observations from FanFest 2013.

Back before this site went nuclear, I used to post fan reaction/observation from away games. There is a lot more media coverage in general these days, and specifically to this site. But it's still fun to post what you see and think. So in the spirit of the olden days, here are my observations from FanFest 2013, which I attended with my wife and kids. They are semi-random. Yes I realize this intra-squad scrimmage doesn't actually count for anything, so these observations are worth about as much as the paper they are printed on. Please refrain from reminding us of this in the comments.



1. Yesterday was the day before my birthday. There was a guy with cardboard sign there, saying it was his actual birthday. He got to go on the court and have the rookies sing him happy birthday. Who knows if it really was his birthday. I wish I brought a sign.

2. I found out CJ McCollum broke his foot while standing in line for sizzle pie. That was disappointing.

3. The pizza was not disappointing. But they ran out of pepperoni.

4. My wife got KillerBurger. Not disappointing either.

5. Thomas Robinson probably deserved the MVP. He likes to rebound. But he also took a lot of outside shots. I hope he doesn't do that when the games count. Now I understand the supposed criticism that he doesn't always work and play well within the offensive structure.

6. Dee Bost could have been the MVP. Wouldn't that have been embarrassing if the guy who probably won't make the roster won the MVP?

7. I was really excited when we signed Dorell Wright. Now not so much. He looked bad. Couldn't dribble, poor decisions, horrible shots. Maybe wearing the long-sleeve t-shirt screwed him up? Hoping he just mailed it in for a worthless scrimmage. But wait, this is training camp? Why would you guys mail it in.

8. Walking into the arena, players were lined up handing out player bio booklets. When we walked in we had a choice of Nic Batum's line, or Earl Watson's line. We chose Batum. And we were not the only ones. Earl's line was a fair mite shorter.

9. Wesley Matthew's was the hardest working player on the floor. He kind of has to be to stick in this league, because he is simply not as skilled or athletic as most other guys.

10. Robin Lopez will gobble some boards. But I hope he doesn't take mid-range jumpers. Or post up really at all.

11. Will Barton was everywhere. I liked it. I don't know if I'll like it when the games count.

12. Why is food so expensive at professional sports games? I get it, the team makes money. But I spend at least 30 minutes being frustrated over dropping $25 on a slice of pizza, chicken fingers, and two drinks. That was after standing in line for 30 minutes for the food. And then they ran out of the pizza I wanted. If they really want to improve in-game fan experience, charge less, and put a few quick-pay hot box venders around the concourse.

13. Parking was free. That was nice.

14. Freeland just looks slower and less athletic than the other bigs. I hope Aldridge doesn't get hurt.

15. Singler was good in college, but is not a NBA player.

16. The game seems to move much quicker in person than on tv. Why is that? Theories?

17. Allen Crabbe did not impress. The guy sitting behind me kept calling him Crab-be. One could probably call him crappy and be ok. I bet the guy sitting behind me reads this blog.

18. One thing that did not add anything valuable to my in-game experience. Blazer Dancers and cheerleaders.

19. Every time Meyers Leonard takes an outside shot, I expect it to be a horrible decision and for him to look really bad doing it. Every time he does it either goes in cleanly or almost goes in. This can't be coincidence, can it? Will this become an actual weapon at some point?

20. At one point Meyers through a lob pass to T-Rob on what looked like a set play. Unstoppable.

21. Meyers has broad shoulders. That is not a metaphor for his ability to carry this team. At all.

22. The CSN guys were doing their telecast right in front of us. Dwight Jaynes just looks like a guy you'd want to sock in the face.

That's it for now. I welcome additional observations and comments on my observations below.

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