My Flex Package Buying Experience

As a former STH, the Blazers have been bombarding me with phone calls, e-mails and print ads for their Flex Ticket Package. I have mostly ignored them. However, yesterday, my excitement for the upcoming season got the best of me, and I decided to check out my options.

The Basic Concept is Simple - Buy a minimum of 10 tickets to any combination of games you choose and receive a substantial discount off of single game pricing.

The Catch - Only 2 tickets total can be purchased for "Elite and Super Elite" games which include:

  • The season opener against the Spurs 11/2/13
  • The Miami Heat game 12/28/13
  • The OKC games on 12/4/13 and 2/11/14
  • The Clippers' games on 12/26/13 and 4/16/14 (last game of the season)
  • The Lakers' game on 3/3/14

Because of this restriction, I initially decided to pass on the Flex Package option and just purchase single tickets for the Heat game on 12/28/13. I've become accustomed to sitting in the 300 level and had season tickets in an orange section for 3 years so I figured I'd start there. I was pretty shocked to discover that a single ticket was $157.50. That's not a joke!!! I was looking at $315.00 plus a $5.00 order fee for me and a friend to to watch the Blazers vs Heat from very far away and behind the baseline. I decided to at least check out the pricing of the Heat game as part of a Flex Package and discovered a single ticket in orange was $41.00, a difference of $116.50 per ticket. It was a pretty easy decision.

My Ticket Package - I ended up with the following package of games (2 tickets per):

  • Bulls 11/22/13 - Brown Section 313
  • Rockets 12/12/13 - Brown Section 313
  • Heat 12/28/13 - Orange Section 303
  • Nets 2/26/14 - Brown Section 305
  • Warriors 4/13/14 - Purple Section 315

Service Fees - One of my biggest complaints about purchasing tickets directly from the Blazers is the service fees. It's $5 per ticket and an additional $5 per order. Even the Blazers' Re-Sale center charges a $6.00 order fee and a 15% service fee on the total purchase. When you purchase a Flex Package, you are charged a $5 order fee but no per ticket fees. It's just $5 in total fees for the entire order. That makes me happy!!!

Total Cost & Savings - The total package price I paid was $327.00. If I had chosen to purchase these tickets in five groups of two separately throughout the season, I would have paid a whopping $709.00 ($634.00 for tickets, $50.00 in per ticket service fees and $25.00 in order fees). At the opposite extreme, buying these tickets at the season ticket holder single game price would have cost $267.50. In the end, I paid 22% more than a season ticket holder, which is more than fair in my opinion, and 54% less than someone purchasing tickets for the 5 games separately at single ticket pricing. So instead of only going to the Heat game this year for $320.00, I get to enjoy 5 games for $327.00.

A Positive Experience - Despite the reasonably annoying onslaught of advertising from the Blazers' sales department, I found the actual utilization of the Flex Package option a fairly easy and relatively economical way to purchase a small batch of tickets for the upcoming season. Single game prices are quite spendy this year. If you are looking to attend a few games and don't want to explore the secondary market options, I'd recommend building a Flex Package to see if it meets your needs. Go Blazers!!!!!!!!

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