CHOOSE YOUR OWN GM ADVENTURE! or, Boom Goes the Dynamite.

It's February 19th, 2014-- the eve of the trade deadline.

You're Neil Olshey, and your phone is ringing off the hook. The NBA is having a fire sale, and a ton of teams are calling, inquiring about your interest in so-and-so, and whether you'd trade so-and-so since they're playing out of their minds.

Everyone is healthy on the Blazers. CJ is back and fighting with Mo for the 6th-man spot. T-Rob is killing it on the boards, and has settled down on offense. RoLo is putting up 10 points and 9 rebounds in 30 mins a game. LMA and Lillard are locks to be All-Stars. Batum is in the race for Most Improved Player, averaging 15 pts/ 6 rbs/ 6 ast/ 2 stl/ 2 bl a game. Wes Matthews's name is being thrown around as a top 3-and-D player in the league, shooting 39% from DT on 5 attempts per game. Even Meyers Leonard is impressing, taking back the back-up Center spot and averaging 8 points and 6 boards over 18 mins a game.

Though the Blazers are a lock for the 7th spot in the Playoffs, and could even fight there way into the 6-spot, they're clearly a player away from being in the top-tier of the Western Conference.

Pick one scenario and make it happen. Please only talk about one scenario per comment. You may comment as many times as you like, but to keep from creating confusion, make separate comments if you are making separate transactions.


(1.) You pick up the phone and Ernie Grunfield of the Wizards is on the line. The Wiz have fallen off, as Marcin Gortat injuried his foot and Bradley Beal has been underperforming. Grunny is taking offers on Beal and wants to hear what you'd offer. Truth be told, Ernie would love to get a 1st-round pick if possible.

(2.) The phone rings and Dell Demps of the Pellies is on the line. "We've got too many damn guards," he exclaims. Tyreke clearly is not happy at the small forward spot, and Demps would love to put him at him more natural position of 2-guard. Eric Gordon is up for grabs, now being healthy and having played in all 50 or so games so far, and is averaging 20 points per game on 44% shooting, nearly 40% from Downtown. "Help us out, and take Gordon off our hands," Demps begs.

(3.) Your best friend Masai is texting you. The text reads "Fire sale in Toronto. Gay is on his way out next year, and we overpaid DeRozan. We're willing to take on a bad contract if you take DeMar off our hands. I'm rebuilding, and we want some youth in any trade we make." Masai is a smart guy, and you're not likely to get one over on him, but he'll work with you if he judges it a reasonably fair trade.

(4.) Tim Connelly, GM of the Nuggets is calling. Apparently, Josh Kroenke is gutting a team at barely .500 because he sure loves saving money. JaVale McGee's name keeps coming up, and it seems that for the right guy, the Nuggets would be willing to let JaVale go, even though he's in the top-5 for PER when it comes to Centers in the NBA, and he's proven that he could sustain the numbers he was putting up per-36 over 30 mins a game. The Nuggets would love to dump another contract as well, and not take as much money back on their end.

(5.) Houston's calling. They've clearly got your number on speed dial. The twin-towers debacle of Dwight and Asik together on the court at the same time is over. They don't trust anyone else in the league, but they don't want anyone on your team either. They want you to find a third team, or even a fourth, to make a trade work involving Asik.

(6.) Your secretary walks in, saying there's a man here who says he's the GM for the Milwaukee Bucks. The team he put together took a huge dump on the court, and he knows his only true assets are Larry Sanders and John Henson. Giannis is untouchable, he's told your secretary, so don't try. Everyone else is available as a throw-in, as long as it involves one of these two guys.

(7.) Oklahoma City calls, saying they're giving away Kendrick Perkins for free. You laugh into the receiver and hang up the phone.

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