Preseason stats (The good, the bad and the ugly)

This is a small sample size of seven games but there are some great trends to see.

The Good

  • Rebounding - right now the blazers are in elite levels
    • Blazers are grabbing 83% of the defensive rebounds available. Last year the fakers lead this stat at just over 75% (sorry JJ)
    • Blazers are grabbing 28% of offensive rebounds available. Last year Chicago lead the league at 31%. This number would put is easily in the top 5 in the league.
    • We have 5 players averaging over 5 rebounds a game. Impressive with limited minutes
  • Defense - yes defense
    • Blazers are holding opponents to 38% shooting and 31% from 3pt. Great numbers but it is preseason and the offense usually needs to catch up. Still holding a team to under 40% and grabbing over 80% of those rebounds will win you lots of games
  • Trips to the line. Again not sure if this is just a preseason thing but the blazers are gettin to the line an amazing 28 times a game. This would lead the league in 2013.
  • Nic - over 50% from the field and from 3 pt range. Leads the team in rebounds per game at 8.5 and 3 assists. Great numbers in limited minutes.

The bad

  • Shooting 42% from the field and 31% from 3. Scary numbers when 28% of our shots are from 3.
  • Steals - I think this might be more due to the defensive look of the team. Pack it in and rebound. Don't take chances and get out of position. We are only getting 5+ steals a game which is well below last years numbers.
  • Assist - chalk this up to shooting percentages and the number of free throw attempts. When will the nba change this and give an assist if the guy makes the free throws?

The ugly

  • Turnovers. - 21 a game is just not good. The blazers will have to keep up the rebounds and defense if they ever think they can win with those numbers. Opponents are getting 6 more shots a game due to these numbers. We have 5 players averaging over 2 TO's per game.

Was a bit amazed by the rebound % and the trips to the line. Two very good trends. I think the shooting especially the three ball will come along. Haven't seen any of the games to see if the turnovers are just lack of focus, guys not on the same page or holes in players game. Hope it is the first two.

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