A Disturbance in the Air...

Another rainy day. Life goes on as usual. The Portland Trail Blazers are having practice at their facility, but someone is missing."

"Where is Aldridge???" asked Terry Stotts. LaMarcus Aldridge, the team's leader, is late for practice. Twelve minutes late.

Just as Stotts asked that, Aldridge came through the entrance of the practice facility. Before Stotts said anything, he noticed Aldridge looked weary as he was stumbling his way in, wet and cold from Oregon's unforgiving weather.

"What happened?" asked Stotts.

Aldridge didn't answer immediately. He had to catch his breath, as if he had been running. A lot.

"You haven't been running or anything, have you?" asked Stotts.

"Yeah," replied Aldridge. "But more important, I had... a vision."

"What vision? Are you okay? Do you need medicine?"

"No. But I would like to tell you what I saw."

Aldridge and Stotts walked into a room and sat down. After having a minute of silence, Aldridge began to explain...

"I was taking a nap, when I had this vision. First, I was brought back to the past. It was an vision of three warriors..."


As if by fate, the three warriors were brought together. The three young, brave, mighty warriors would fight for their people of Portlandia in order to take them to the Promised Land. The first warrior was Sir Roy, the unquestioned leader of the trio. A warrior who can bring his army to victory through the toughest of times. The second warrior was Lancer LaMarcus. Though not the leader, people could depend on his consistent, steady performance in battle. The third warrior was Giant Greg. The sheer force summoned by this warrior was enough to shatter bones of those around him. Together, they were known as the Big Three in Portlandia. When the whole country heard of this news, they were starting to fear the rise of Portlandia.

Unfortunately, as if by fate again, the Big Three started facing obstacles. Obstacles that would not challenge them and make them stronger, but rather torture them and tear them apart.
Throughout these obstacles, Sir Roy led the army through, but for how much longer could his body hold up to the pressure? Lancer LaMarcus, true to his description, remained dependable and fought through these torturous roads. Perhaps the big news was Giant Greg, who could not seem to contain his powers. Each attack Giant Greg made put his body through some pain.

To make a long story short, after the dust settled from the unfortunate events, the results were clear. Sir Roy had fallen, giving one last glorious fight in front of his people. Giant Greg had fallen long ago on the battlefield, never to be seen again. The only one who remained standing was Lancer LaMarcus. Despite being depressed on the fact that his brothers have fallen, he knew to continue marching to search for the Promised Land.

After every storm there is sunshine, and sunshine was what the army of Portlandia received. The now veteran Lancer LaMarcus was greeted by a new young warrior, Deadly Damian. Known for this killer instincts and cold demeanor, he was a welcomed addition to the army of Portlandia.

The journey would go on as usual, until one day, there was... A disturbance in the air. Only Lancer LaMarcus felt the cold chills. The chills slowly grew colder, and Lancer LaMarcus had no clue on what to do. He visited Stotts the Sage, seeking for advice.

"A giant man approaches you, with the intent to hurt Portlandia," said the sage. "This man possesses the power to break the bones of mortals with little effort. Though far away he may be, he comes your way."

"Only one man fits that description..." said the lancer. "But that is impossible! The giant man has fallen many years ago!"

"But he rises once more, as if by some sort of sorcery," said the sage. "He is under a new alliance."

"Please, tell me more! Who is the giant man fight for now?"

"He is fighting for...."

Stotts the Sage closed his eyes and focused his energy on making a vision clear. Soon enough, the sage's eyes opened, and a bit of fear can be seen in his eyes.

"Oh, wise sage. Please tell me what you see!"

"I see that the giant man is now fighting for... The King."

The sage's cat, Blaze, then came out of nowhere and pounced onto the lancer's face, as if trying to get his tongue.

"Off of me, you silly cat!" said the lancer. "You'll leave a trail of scars on my face!"

With that, the cat jumped off and went away.

"My apologies," said the sage. "As I was saying, you had best prepare for this fight. The entire country fears The King, and with his new ally, The King's army could become unstoppable."

"Very well then," said Lancer LaMarcus. "I thank you for your time. We must prepare now."

With that, Lancer LaMarcus, who has always been quiet, decided it was time to be vocal. He gathered his army around.

"What is wrong?" asked the French Batman.

"The day we fight The King," said Lancer LaMarcus. "There will be a new foe... We must prepare for him."

"Who? Who is this new foe?"

"Our former ally. Who we thought have been long gone."

"Who... No. You don't mean...?"

"Yes. Giant Greg approaches us. And this time, his powers might be at full potential."


"...and then, The King's army arrived. At the horizon, I could see The King approach, followed by his fellow warriors, Flash and Boshiraptor. And before I could see anymore, I woke up from my nap."

"That's intense," said Stotts. "What do you think it means?"

"It means we get ready for this date: December 28, 2013."


EDIT(10/26/13): Took out the last couple of lines because it didn't flow well with the story.

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