Hardwood Paroxysm Previews 2013-14 Blazers

Chelsey Boehnke, HP

Hardwood Paroxysm, a basketball blog, has released a 2013-14 season preview online magazine that includes a Portland Trail Blazers chapter.

The good folks at Hardwood Paroxysm have put together a 221-page 2013-14 season preview magazine that can be purchased for $0.99 or $1.99, depending on you want to read it (online or tablet).

Here's an intro note explaining the insane undertaking from Matt Moore, the site's editor.

If you enjoy reading about the NBA, you're going to like this. This isn't your standard look at the league. No "KEY STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES." This is unfiltered Paroxysm from some of the best young writers in the business. There's a reason over a dozen writers in Paroxysm's history have gone on to have careers in basketball in some form or another.


But above all, it's the writers that make this magazine, and this site, go. People volunteering time on their lunch breaks and on their weekends. Students putting aside schoolwork (WHICH THEY SHOULD REALLY BE DOING) to write thoughts and feelings about explosive point guards. Writers who work full-time at other publications with families volunteering their time to make this site something original for six years strong.

We have our own view of the league, and it's wonderful and it's weird and it's beautiful. These are unbiased opinions from extremely biased people. Welcome to the Paroxysm, six years running.

Here's an excerpt from the Blazers chapter, which includes an overview of the offseason additions, an essay on the team's new bench, a piece of LaMarcus Aldridge fan fiction, and multiple works of Blazers-related art.

From the overview by Jordan White...

With McCollum, Robinson, Dorell Wright and Mo Williams, among others, in tow, Portland now has an actual bench that features actual basketball players. This means more rest for the starters, and fewer surrendered leads as soon as the starters leave the game. It also means Portland should return to the playoffs this season.

It's quite the remarkable turnaround for a team that seemed doomed to toil in the lottery for a few seasons, yet credit Neil Olshey (and lady luck) for building a roster that is equal parts competitive, malleable, and financially flexible for the future.

One question looms for the front office and fans alike: will these current moves, and a potential return to the playoffs, placate Aldridge? For now, he seems content with the direction of the team, but if this season isn't as fruitful as expected, Aldridge could very well seek - and demand - greener pastures.

But let's not let that spoil the mood. Instead, let's celebrate a franchise's return to relevancy, rising from the ashes of betrayed bodies and bad contracts. Rip City is back.

Go here to download/purchase the season preview magazine if you're interested.

Photo at top by Chelsey Boehnke for Hardwood Paroxysm.

-- Ben Golliver | benjamin.golliver@gmail.com | Twitter

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