The Portland Rain, and other lineup names

We had a discussion in a previous post of Dave's about what to name this Blazer era. I think it's interesting to consider, especially when compared to the previously "named" eras of the Roy-Aldridge-Oden era, the Jail Blazers, the Frail Blazers, etc. etc. But what I liked more - mostly because it was more inventive - was the names of certain units within the Blazers. For example, I remember Mike Rice saying something about a "Big East Connection" when Wesley Matthews of Marquette and Dante Cunningham of Villanova were in at the same time - like if one assisted on the other's basket. The most notable one, of course, is Rudy Fernandez and Sergio Rodriguez - The Spanish Armada.

So in this post, I will ask a question and offer one possible answer. The question, simply, is:

What realistic combinations of 2-5 players other than the projected starting lineup (Lillard/Matthews/Batum/Aldridge/Lopez) is most interesting to you, and what would you name that lineup?

(Please, nothing boring like "the second unit" for Williams, McCollum, Wright, T-Rob and Leonard. I mean, you can use those five but come up with a better name. Even "the bench mob" is better than that and it's already been used.)


My proposal: If the Blazers ever go to a lineup of shooters, which would be centered around Williams, Batum, and Wright (HT to blazergold, who pointed out the stat that there are only 11 players in the NBA who've hit 100+ 3s in each of the last three seasons, and those are 3 of the 11, all on the Blazers this year), that this lineup should be named The Portland Rain.

Imagine a rainy fall or winter evening in Portland, when inside the once-and-future Rose Garden a lineup of Lillard or Mo Williams, Matthews, Batum, Wright and either a rebounder like T-Rob, a lone inside presence like Aldridge, or (if you really want to shoot 3s) Leonard on the perimeter as well, just bombing away, firing from deep, or making it rain. The connection to the city is obvious, and as the Blazers become more of a three-point-shooting team, a team that can light it up from deep will probably get some run together. When Aldridge is out, one of the options for the backup 4 is to play Dorell Wright as a stretch-4 along with Batum and Matthews, and with those 3 on the perimeter, a shooting threat who can also drive-collapse-kick like either Lillard or Williams, and a lone big who can kick out offensive rebounds or even be out there himself to take the shot, there may be some times when the lineup is the best choice.

Plus, this is something even terrible visiting announcers can talk about instead of speculating on the status of players who aren't free agents until 2015.

What are your thoughts?

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