Play By Play Recap of Blazers Amazing Comeback v. Mavs!

Scene: 6:47 Left third quarter. Dirk hits a running left handed layup to put the Mavs up 73-53. I go upstairs to see what the family is watching. It’s Netflix reruns of the Twilight Zone. No lie. I come back downstairs, to a parallel universe, called… the Blazers Comeback Zone…

JJ hits in the key: 22 and 10 now for JJ, Down 18.

Marion thows ball OOB, LA Misses, Batum misses two tips, LA block, JJ Save, JJ fouled, JJ out. Wes misses. Brand misses. Blazers TO, foul Damian, his third. Twilight Zone looking pretty good. So is that IPA. Mayo misses 1, 14 pts, 5 ast 7 reb.. where’s Nic? (Seriously, I thought that Nic should have those stats)

Batum rattles in a 3, his first FG of the night. Got a sore wrist. Marion answers.

Lillard 3 “we’ve seen this before – Mike R” 76-61, Carlisle conservative TO.

3:52 3rd. Babs misses his second or third 3 of the night, Mavs miss a 3, Batum in the key, -13.

Carter nice move.—Note: SASHA PAVLOVIC CHECKS IN… You won’t here his name much, but nice job by Stotts to put this guy in now.

Babs hits a 3! (Obviously inspired that Pav would take his minutes)

Babs fouls. Peaks and valleys. Brand misses. LMA, pushed out by Brand, takes it right to him and forces a TO with his 2.

Dallas throws it OOB. 78-68 1:17 down 10. Babs drives, nice job, dumps to LA, fouled. 20/9 for LA –down 8.

Beaubois misses badly, Mike /Rice: “Lillard did a nice job tapped that elbow”, then drives, fouled, (questionable call), DL hits 2 frees. Down 6! 37 secs left in the third. Do you believe? Or did we expend too much energy in the comeback?.. 14-2 run Blazers

Dirk misses! LA misses, then does a dumb foul on Dirk with little time left, 2 FT’s. Bad sub by Carlisle, some lousy guy named Chowda or something, fouled Wes, Wes hits 2, negates LA’s booboo. 80-74 Mavs.


We’re done 6 after being down 21, after a 32-21 third quarter…

Dirk schools JJ. Funny, as he’s doing this, Mike: “Boy there would be a time when Dirk would’ve”… done just what he did, schooled JJ.

Wes drives the lane. Dirks hits from the baseline. Wes hits a ridiculous 3 from the Mavs bench. DOWN 5! Offensive foul! Beaubois scraped Damian’s nose. 10:32 left. Wes, oooh, just misses a big 3. Good help Pav! D. Babs misses another 3, but JJ, underneath, is fouled by Mavs. Wes charging foul. Yup. WES STEALS from Dirk! JJ eventually fouled on the break. Shawn Marion does the matrix. Wes dribbles too much, OOB, -5… Uh oh, 14 TO’s… Too little too late?

Mavs throw it to a guy who ain’t looking. (James). Batum nice give and go with LA, layup for Nic. Down 3!

Carter fouled, Pav – no! Good boy, pass to Price, No! who,I mean yes! Hit’s a swish for the 3!

And now, the key play, Pavlovic steals the ball, and gets it back for a fast break layup to tie the game!

Collison misses a bunny. Fouled. “Sasha has a tendency to grab people… He kind of had his arm around him, but it didn’t stop him from jumping…” (Ah yes, that’s a Choke hold by Sasha..). Mavs miss.

SASHA drives “slow motion”, says Rice, through the lane, hits it off the glass, AND is fouled… by a few photographers, too. But he MISSES the FT, Portland 90-88! Crowd chants DE-fense.

Brandon Wright misses, maddengingly offensive Rebound, Dirk hits the 3. Pav misses the heat check 3.

Pav deflects pass, bothers Dirk.. Batums misses a 3. Mayo fouled. 91-90 Mavs, 5:21 left. Hits 1. Batum misses. JJ gets three offensive rebsounds, then hits, 26/15! Wrigth scores,94-92 Mavs. LA fouled.Wes drops a 3 chance oob. Dirk left baseline, boom, Dallas up 4, nice TO TS. “Maybe they came back too soon”… Mike echoes my thoughts.

Wes misses a runner, LMA with the offensive rebound dunk! LA, great deflection, no time left, NO, Collison BANKS in a 3 ! 99-94, those are killers. LA misses. Wright hits, DOWN 7! JJ passes to Dallas, 13-4 run Dallas. Marion travels (at the time I’m thinking, NBA point of emphasis call..)

101-94, 1:48 left. Blazers in trouble. Crowd: “Let’s go Blazers!” LA fouled. Makes two clutch shots. – 5. Wes, almost steals, jumps right into Mike and Mike on press row…

Wes Matthews, guarding the in-bounder, displays some lightning quick reflexes, by BLOCKING the pass in, and collecting it, and dishing to Nic who was fouled. NICOLA MISSES BOTH!!! (Mike; First time I’ve ever seen that..). 101—96. Can we make two comebacks? Not if you don’t make your free throws!!

Matthews nearly steals in, now DOES! Takes it away from a pass to Dirk. Fouled on the break, hits both!

Crucial OOB call, I dunno, Portland may have gotten a break. 34.8 left. 101-98 Dallas. OOB play, broken down… But NICO hits a 3 to tie it! Broken play, Dirk hits a HUGE 3! Oh no… so close… 11.4 down 3. Broken play. LMA, picks with Nic, Nic rises up.. and passes to LMA… who calmly looks down at his feet, steps back a good 3 feet to the right baseline, and lets loose with a swish!!! His first 3 of the year to tie it at 104 with 4.5 seconds left!

“Blazers have a foul to give, right? Yes, I hope they discussed that”… The prescient Mikes. Near steal JJ, 3.2 left. Crowd: D-Fense. OOB play, Mayo, runs down Ronnie Price, for an offensive foul!! A great defensive play by Ronnie. Still 1.5 seconds left! Mike’s aruing for 1.9 to 2.1… 1.5..

OOB play, LMA AGAIN against Dallas, hits a simple fadeaway, his bread and butter for the win!

(Great OOB play, coach!)


OK, so: Wow.

LA - Clutch! 5 pts in 5 secs!

Wes - awesome D!

Ronnie Price D!

OK, I take it all back, keep this team right here together. Wow, what a job by Stotts..

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