1-26-13 Free Agent Talk & Trade Drawer: Center Edition

So I was scanning the list of the free agents who will be available, specifically centers who will be unrestricted free agents after this season. And some interesting names popped up. Heres the list:

ZaZa Pachulia - 6.2 pts 6.6 rebs 0.2 blk 13.5 PER

Jason Collins - 1.1 pts 1.6 rebs 0.3 blk 2.10 PER

Nazr Mohammed - 0.8 pts 1.8 rebs 0.4 blk 2.66 PER

Chris Kaman - 12.5pts 6.2rebs 0,9blk 16.69PER

Cole Aldrich - 1.6pts 1.9rebs 0.3blk 6.11PER

Ryan Hollins - 2.4pts 1.9 rebs 0.5blk 9.15 PER

Dwight Howard - 16.7pts 12.1rebs 2.5blk 19.95PER

Samuel Dalembert - 5.3pts 4.6rebs 1.2blk 15.72PER

Joel Przybilla - 0.2pts 1.8rebs 0.2blk 6.25PER

Kwame Brown - 2.0pts 3.4rebs 0.5blk 8.82PER

Andrew Bynum - 18.7pts 11.8rebs 1.9Blk 23PER

Jermaine Oneal - 6.4pts 4.1rebs 1.2BLK 15.59PER

Tiago Splitter - 10.3pts 5.7rebs 0.8blk 20.44PER

Boris Diaw - 5.8pts 3.8rebs 0.3blk 12.47PER

Aaron Gray - 2.1pts 2.1rebs 0.1blk 3.21PER

Al Jefferson - 17pts 9.8rebs 1.1blk 20.47PER

Emeka Okafor - 8.3pts 8.0rebs 1.3blk 15.78PER


We are not getting either Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum. Of the names that are left, I would rank them in this order that I would want most to least:

1. Al Jefferson- 28 years old- (LMA is 27years old) Al Jeff fits the age of our core of players, which is a plus. I think he is the biggest name, best producing center we have a shot at in this FA market. Hes smart, dominant. He rebounds great, scores great, hes a good defender. AND he would compliment LMA best of all these centers who are left.

2. Samuel Dalembert -31years old- Hes very talented. His name has been bounced around Bedge a few times. Hes not getting enough playing time. He is a good defender, and rebounder.

3. Emeka Okafor- 30years old-Hes a good center. We all know what he can do, the question is and is for all these guys is how much their game will be elevated by LMA and also how much LMAs will be elevated by playing with them.

4. After the 3 above, your left with Chris Kaman, Boris Diaw, Jermaine Oneal, and Zaza Pachulia. Each of these guys perform about roughly the same output. If it came down to picking one of these guys, it would be tough. Also, I think Tiago Splitter will be retained by the Spurs but there is a chance all these players might be retained by their current teams as well.

Really, IMHO, after Al Jefferson, the list gets dismal pretty quick. So who's your picks off that list that we should go after? Should we even go after one of these centers? Do we have a shot at Al Jeff? Do you have something else in mind? Let me know what you think. Also, anyone with knowledge of contracts or of restrictions on these players that wants to step in and ixnay any of these possibilities please do. I appreciate it.

Thanks, CJB

PS- This being a free agent talk slash trade drawer, if you have any trade ideas on how we might obtain one of the centers listed, post them here. 8)

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