Im going to think a little outside the box and say we should sign free agents

Kenyon Martin and The Birdman. Lets all forget about how big of headcases these two are and or have been and think *REAL* hard about our backup PF and C spots right now or maybe just our 2nd rotation group all together. Normally I would go into a detailed analysis about the second unit with their scoring and defense and how we have one of the worst bench units in the league etc etc. But I went to sleep at 8am this morning and woke up before noon so for the sake of my beauty sleep ill skip all that and everyone reading this can just keep in the back of your heads how bad they are (mostly).

Lets start with the backup PF
Our current players that are 2nd 3rd rotation that can/have played PF
Now let me stress I like ALL these guys, especially Freeland. I had high hopes for him this season (and am still hoping he pays off eventually) But for now i think we can agree ALL 3 players are not doing so well for us. Now think about having Kenyon Martin an energetic player who has the killer instinct that Niel Olshey and so many others have talked about. Just take a look at his stats last year

REB 4.3 AST 0.4 BLK 1.0 STL 1.0 PF 2.5 TO 0.8 PTS 5.2 MIN 22.4

Now these are not amazing stats but If I remember his nugget days he was a ball hog, which honestly our second unit needs (a ball hog that can score that is. Sorry Ronnie Price) if we play K-Mart with the 2nd unit and make him the go to guy of that unit i would have no doubt him being productive and averaging double digit points and 5 rebounds in 10 to 15 minutes a game. And those of you who really hate him let me ask you, do you really hate the idea of this guy: coming off the bench instead of jeffries? From the sound of alot of rumors the guy just wants to play, have a chance to prove he can be an asset to any team. If we have to sign him to a 10 day before we decide he stays (although i dont recommend it because im sure he will leave us for miami or the knicks as soon as thats over.) he has stated he is "open to a 10 day"
and will sign the minimum.

Next up our backup C spot isn't *THAT* bad with mostly Leonard using up that spot. Who we should be playing at that spot the kid needs as much experience he can get if we are to hope he turns into a serviceable center. Mostly the kid needs to hit the gym and get some muscle on those chicken legs because he gets boxed out pretty easily. But for those nights he isnt doing well or perhaps now while he is currently down we should get another decent center. Birdman is ugly to look at but if played (sometimes) With our second unit he can bring a pretty good defensive presence to the group. keep in mind he held is own as a starter for the nuggets when Nene was down all those times. and we can certainly use him when hickson is outmatched dramatically and we barely play him in those games (lakers). maybe give our new double double machine a rest for a night and start leonard or even birdman (depending on our opponent).

Sign these guys for a one year minimum each. Niel Olshey is a smart guy. Maybe he can even put a behavior clause in their contracts (For those of you worrying about the headcase parts ;P ) as for us having a full 15 player team you all can figure that out. Trade Elliot Williams to the Suns for cash. They have the cap room, he's young and they are rebuilding. He's shown he has the potential be a good player and lets face it who doesnt want this kid to go to the Phoenix miracle doctors, recover, and have a great career.

As for the 2nd player we need to lose to make room for lets say we just release nolan smith. Ronnie price is playing slightly better than nolan. So just lose him. Like I said im tired, but hey i just wanted to get some discussion about added these two FAs and hear your hatred for them;) or why you think they can help us. We wont win it all this year but hey, If adding them means getting to the 2nd round of the playoffs that means our rookies get the experience they need to help them develop, the bobcats may not get such a high draft pick with our conditional 1st rounder we sent them, and I get to see my favorite team play even more.

Sorry about the book everyone, again I must reiterate I am insanely tired and need sleep.

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