Build Your Expansion Team

The off part of the off-season is dragging on, no player movement, no training camp. Slow for NBA news. But there is some breaking news... The NBA has granted you ownership of a new NBA franchise!

OK that's not gonna happen, but I thought it would be fun if we all picked our expansion teams in this hypothetical. Who you got?

Here are some guidelines:

1. Each team protects eight players. Everyone else is up for grabs. I picked the eight players for each team (which was the monotonous part) and yes that is a matter of opinion and I am probably wrong on quite a few but let's roll with it.

2. You may pick any of the players listed below, for a total of 13-15 players. The only restriction is no more than two from each team so player-hoarders and deep teams like the Blazers, Houston, and Denver don't get screwed.

3. You can sign any remaining free agents to a reasonable deal.

4. Take it as far as you like. I would like to see your home city (Seattle anyone?) and team name, but feel free to name a coach, GM, ball boys, or whatever else you want. Also, feel free to lay out your plan for the team (win now, suck and get picks, free agency, stockpile young players, trade assets, draw crowds and make money, etc.).

5. Perhaps we can vote or something to decide whose team has the brightest future. Perhaps not.

6. Rec this post if you want to keep the discussion going. Mock me for suggesting recs for my own post if you don't.

7. Is a lucky number.

ATL: Korver, Petro, Stevenson, J. Williams, I. Johnson, M. Scott

BOS: Bass, Dooling, Terry, Collins, Wilcox, Christmas, Joseph,

BRK: Evans, Bogans, Stackhouse, Watson, Shengelia

CHA: Gordon, Thomas, Diop, Carrol, Williams

("Please feel free to take two of our guys. Please." -Michael Jordan, Rich Cho, Rod Higgins.)

CLE: Walton, Gibson, Harangody, Samuels, Pargo, Azubuike, Leuer, Eric

DAL: Marion, Kaman, Carter, Da. Jones, Brand, West, Wright

DEN: Miller, Brewer, Koufos, Randolph, Hamilton, Stone, Miller

DET: Maggette, Villanueva, Maxiel, Bynum, Daye, Middleton

(Joe Dumars: "Charlie Villanueva is looking great this year. I promise.")

GSW: Jefferson, Biedrens, Jack, Landry, Rush, Tyler, Bazemore

HOU: Morris, Delfino, Livingston, Patterson, Douglas, Forbes, Johnson, Brockman, Smith, Fortson, Simpson, Machado

IND: Augustin, Plumlee, Stephenson, Pendergraph, Gaines, Young, Ahearn

LAC: Crawford, Green, Turiaf, Leslie, Thompkins, Hollins

LAL: Blake, Duhon, Jamison, Clark, Morris, Goudelock, Sacre

MEM: Speights, Bayless, Ellington, Pondexter, Haddadi, Kennedy

MIA: Miller, Anthony, Jones, Lewis, Pittman, Gladness, Varnado

MIL: Udrih, Dalembert, Gooden, Przybilla, Lamb, Dunleavy

MIN: Barea, Ridnour, Stiemsma, Cunningham, Lee

NOH: Warrick, Smith, Mason, Thomas, Miller, Roberts

OKC: Collison, Aldrich, Cook, Jackson, Hayward, Thabeet, Orton, Thompson

ORL: Turkoglu, Harrington, Davis, Nelson, Richardson, Eyenga, Smith, Moore, Harper

PHI: Richardson, Wright, Brown, Ivey, Wayns

PHO: Frye, Scola, Telfair, O'Neal, Tucker

POR: Hickson, Babbitt, Smith, Price, Claver, Jeffries, Pavlovic

SAC: Salmons, Garcia, Outlaw, Hayes, Fredette, Honeycutt

SAN: Jackson, Diaw, Bonner, De Colo, Joseph, Mills

TOR: Anderson, Lucas, Gray, Kleiza, Fields

UTA: Ma. Williams, Bell, Foye, Watson, Tinsley, Carrol

WAS: Okafor, Ariza, Webster, Martin, Price, Mack

(I skipped CHI and NYK because believe me, you wouldn't want anything from them)

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