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Since I've seen Timmay! and Dave offer to send our thoughts about the Blazer's Edge redesign to

...I wanted to share what I sent, and to offer that anyone who wants to use it as a jumping off point for their own message should feel free to do so. I know how it feels to have a conviction but not quite be able to find the words for it, so if I can help anyone in that situation if you feel the same way I do, I would gladly offer my contribution for consideration and use.

Thank you all!

- Corvallis, OR

Dear SB Nation:

I've been using Blazer's Edge for several years under the name "Corvallis, OR"

I find the redesign of all SB Nation sites, including Blazer's Edge, not only to be less functional, slower, less unique, and less attractive; but the way in which the sites were updated makes myself and other commenters, no matter how long they've been contributing to their team's SB Nation site, feel as though our input is not wanted, appreciated, or considered.

You run the very real risk of losing marketshare through attrition. The "Digg 4.0" exodus to Reddit might be overstating it, but SB Nation users have other options.

I can only speak for Blazer's Edge when I say that SB Nation sites have a legitimacy and a following that's hard to recreate elsewhere. I think more than the functional and aesthetic problems of the Blazer's Edge and other SB Nation sites' redesign, the lack of communication between poster/contributors and whoever was in charge of the redesign and rolling it out really stings.

To improve the site for myself and other Blazer's Edge users (and probably users of many other SB Nation site users), I would ask these things:

  • To create a mechanism for actively soliciting and considering user/commenter input before subsequent site overhauls.
  • To allow each site a greater degree of autonomy in how its site look and function. -
  • To encourage that user/commenters partner with administrators at each unique SB Nation team site in subsequent site overhauls

The Blazer's Edge user/commenter base has been very active in offering their constructive criticism using both comments and short posts. While acknowledging concerns, I get the impression that Blazer's Edge administrators don't feel they are in a position to offer much else besides giving us the email address and fixing minor functional issues that don't solve the underlying structural function and aesthetic issues that need to be fixed. Each community should be able to decide what those are, and have them ironed out.

Thank you for reading this message, and thanks for providing so many fans with such a great home.
- me

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