United Upgrade Coming Soon

July 19, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Atlanta Hawks Summer League invitee Frank Hassell gets a look at the new SBNation United layout. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

A couple weeks ago we told you about impending upgrades to the site. They are soon to be upon us! We just wanted to let you know that you're going to wake up one of these mornings and Blazersedge is going to look different...for the better, we hope! SBNation United is designed to do the following, at minimum:

  • make sites load faster and run better meaning you can get to the content you want faster.
  • make sure that you're seeing the best and brightest content up front with our flexible layout, modern design and reduction of clutter.
  • make our site run seamlessly from every platform, whether mobile, tablet or computer. No matter where you are, the experience will not change.
  • retain the community elements you love like FanPosts and FanShots and GameThreads

Having worked with the system a little now, I can tell you that the three most striking elements to my mind are visual clarity, content organization, and mobile accessibility. The look is cleaner, more visually intriguing. We have much more flexibility in how we present content. We can keep important, breaking stories front and center without watching them get buried or slighting other content. Also you mobile folks will probably rejoice. Not only will you have full use of the site like everyone else, you should be able to get to your content in an efficient way without all of the hoop-jumping you have to do with our current format.

I can also tell you that, at least at the beginning, the Great Designers have focused on how you get information--the architecture of the site--more than other elements. That means those hoping for an edit function, for instance, will have to wait and see what comes down the road as United progresses. Fanpost and Fanshots will remain mostly as they are now with some tweaks to how they're organized. Most things will still be familiar to you. They'll just look better and be easier to get at.

United will change things the same way remodeling to an open kitchen changes a dinner party. The food (content) is still the same. The work behind cooking is still the same. The guests will still do their thing. But you have way more options in how to serve and the whole experience is more interactive without those four walls of the Victorian kitchen hemming in the host. The whole thing is more vibrant, alive.

You'll see for yourselves soon. Whatever tweaks we need to make as a community in order to adapt to the new system should be fairly simple. For now, it's something to look forward to.

--Dave (blazersub@gmail.com)

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