Damian Lillard Hype and other thoughts on Blazers



I would like to start this post by saying that I am extremely excited about the addition of Damian Lillard. I see all of the potential in him that everyone else sees. Damian Lillard is the REAL deal he has so much game and I am PUMPED about it!. For me, its not about how he may dunk on a small forward in the lane or shoot 36 percent from behind the lane because he showed all of that at Weber State. I am excited because we can finally have a guy that can truly control our offense; that is what a good point guard does. And in my opinion, that is what has been missing for quite some time. He has the potential to make the Blazers a much better team, now I would like to SEE. Training camp is right around the corner, now as fans we should just let the kid play. I do not want to go out on daily searchs for Blazers new and see the same headline. I know he is a great dark horse pick for winning ROY but we should take a deep breathe, wait and see.


It is hard for me as a true Blazers fan to write this next part. I am excited for Brandon´s return: he was my favorite player EVER. I think he made the right choice choosing the Timerberwolves. Rubio, Love, and Roy make a pretty sweet NBA2k team to play with. Granted that I will never cheer for him against the Blazers, but I will enjoy watching him give it another shot; Especially in Minnesota. I have a feeling they will treat him right there. As a Trailblazer his contract was GIGANTIC, and deservedly so after winning ROY followed by three straight NBA All Star Appearances. For that reason, I am sure he would not agree to restructure his contract due to injury (¿Why would you want to restructure a max deal?) I do know that the Blazers would have believed in him for 2 years and 5 million dollars. I would like to know if we made the correct decision letting him go with the amnesty clause. When your weigh the price of his contract against the production we recieved in the past year or so; its hard to say. We do NOT know how well he will play this year but we DO know that in his final year on OUR team he finished with a career-low season average of 12.2 points, 2.6 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 28 minutes in only 47 games. Not like my admiration for the guy changed when he was in pain and not able to do as much. I have felt his PAIN. A knee surgery is hard on an athlete physically and mentally. He needed time that he was not given by the Blazers, I still say he should have never returned from the surgery to play against Pheonix (No matter how bad he wanted too!).Following this, he was not the same B-Roy we all knew and loved. He certainly could have had the same knee and plasma treatment on the Blazers, with that contract I know he could afford it.Maybe it was the right time for him to move on and our franchise to move on as well. The Blazers are in a new chapter that I am excited about! We can only wait and see.


I was uncertain intially but after some serious thought I like the idea of bringing in Adam Morrison. He did average 20 in summer league and if there is anything left in his tank he should still be able to be a set shooter and maybe have one or two 20 point games in a Blazers jersey. I still TRUST management. Hypothetically speaking: If I told you I wanted to bring in Adam Morrison to comptete with Luke Babbit to play a reserve role would you really be disappointed? He may suprise us in camp and win the back up 3 spot. Something is telling me we have to wait and see.


The Blazers prestige in the Western conference is low. The Lakers have made incredible moves in the off season that has made them as FORMIDIBLE as ever. When you bring in Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, all I can say is Wow, Kudos to their management team. The Thunder and Spurs are still very good teams that will win a TON of games. I am sure you know the rest I do not need to go further. My allegiance is with the Blazers. Somehow I remain OPTIMISTIC, I always have been and I always will be. I like the pieces that the Blazers have in place. Could we do better in some places? Of course. But no matter what anyone says we are Rebuilding. And Rome was not built in a DAY (How cliche? I know). For about the past five years the Blazers have always seemed to be just 1 or 2 guys away from TRUE contention. There were a couple years that we had that EXACT guy on our roster. Greg Oden. Did anyone else feel that way as well? Either way, call it blind OPTIMISM or LOYALY. BUT I feel that we are in the same position now. Lets stop looking at what we do not have and begin to look at what we do have on our roster. Wesley Matthews works harder than anyone in the NBA and does everything we ask of him. Aldridge, Batum, and Damian Lillard. I like the sound of that! We are not the star studded Los Angeles Lakers, we are not the world champion Miami Heat, but WE are the BLAZERS! Remember THAT, If you are not going to support the Blazers when things are rocky. Its a FREE country, but I will see you when things are peachy again and were back on TOP. HAHA there is always room on the bandwagon. Honestly, I could be wrong about everything. We will all just have to wait and see.

P.S I would love to hear what you guys had to say about the piece Good and the Bad


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