i found footage of elliot williamszzz injury...sort of

i have a whole team analysis i always have spinning around in my head but until i finish that (obviously for your reading pleasure!? and before the start of preseason?!) i thought i would basically show whoever wants to see > the roster through new eyes - perhaps ill never finish the team analysis because its "pointless" and players like elliot go down/arent set in stone...and it seems like most fans are BIG supporters of wes/barton for reasons unknown but very similar to the way some of those same fans hate or shrug off freeland/claver/leonard...maybe its because hype knows no limits or maybe calling a player a big Q mark is easier than forming an educated opinion...who knows > maybe i do but ill never know because paul allen doesnt allow it (side note = not important but paul allen blocked me on twitter - i signed up for twitter prior to the trade deadline & made a very obvious "attack" on his account for a week or so before the deadline (also the draft) in order to use the fans weapon of choice>incessant rambling about what the "right thing" to do he blocked me courtesy of my numerous messages about drafting lillard/leonard and bringing over claver/freeland and firing nate - basically all the things that would have happened regardless of any fan intervention?...because at the end of the day - the only fan paul allen/etc likes is a happy fan who is completely content with first round exits & the same goes for mike&mike and most of the local media and fans including myself = i guess no one likes to be corrected or called out but people in the blazer "family" should get used to fans that brian "i love kaleb" wheeler labels as "nervous" = a polite way of alluding to the fact that anyone who outright disagrees with any official blazer statement/etc will surely get the "youre crazy" look from mike rices better half??? (mike B is spot on because he might be a real "b" but now that his buddy nate is gone he surely will be - *can we not say "b" or is it only against the rules to spell the truth out completely = doesnt that take away the whole point of blazersedge (true WSB semantics (from another post) i guess)

also - this whole player/link thing below took two seconds to make the pop culture connections so spare me the witty criticism if a particular connection isnt to your liking = wait-actually i only want criticism because i live off of it...sort of the way wes needs it>despises it so much that he feels the need to respond to all people who offer critiques (any other words that are not full scale attacks on his game = he is overly sensitive with not enough talent to back up such twitter paranoia) my point is that i dont really care for barton but the time it took for me to make these player/pop culture connections happens to be the exact time it will take for barton (sadly no longer Ewill) to take weszzz starting not a prayER because im too busy working on word play like a good portland native but i can only HOPE that wes is on the way out via trade (im not at all pessimistic about this season but my stress levels can afford one pet peeve & that has been wes since he signed from utah = not a fan from day 1 so it will take a major miracle for me to believe in wes or god (is religion allowed on blazersedge) for that matter...well i should take that back because ill follow sabonis anywhere...he is the true savior so that makes sheed the "what" = the one who is not important enough to name so ill call him "TOWEL"...damn it - i broke my labeling rule BUT isnt that always the truth about the devout or the OCD in this particular case> first to break their own rules...perhaps but natural piety is innately never going to be a pie for three with 3 strikes for god bless america - i mean sabonis bless america - i mean sabonis help america - i mean sabonis help the world...ok - i think i made myself clear???

sorry to point out the obvious i like i educated=yes - despite my peculiar typing style that developed without me paying attention (obviously - because it annoys even me and for that ill apologize frequently)...will you agree with everything i type=no (but the real question is>does that make me wrong=probably) i odd > or do i know that im odd=the answer for both is probably definitely (painfully clear a couple of times all the time but do i care=no)...will i apologize for being a blazer fan=neVAH...would i rather be a fan of another team or a blazer fan with the knowledge that all these injuries would be a part of that experience/pain/life=blazers IS life (some of the time - im not certifiably insane > its just been suggested) i ask a lot of Qs in order to delay the inevitable=yes...HERE YOU GO=the links are somewhat amusing - otherwise i wouldnt have felt the "need" to post (first post/comment/etc so if people find this really annoying then let me know and ill...keep it up)...i cant help what comes out because it just cant be helped - its simple > sometimes im this & other times im that = = people always blame sam bowie for the michael jordan oversight but they should blame drexlers mother for creating the SG that forced the blazers hand...& the list goes on but blame doesnt exist in sports unless its a very "tangible" mistake (despite "tangible" never really existing on the court/etc & when it ALMOST does enter reality=its almost always never a solo act)...too much of everything fans talk about is about ONE person or ONE team or ONE mistake/flaw/etc or ONE one or ONE two or ONE two three or one two three FOUR > until everybody joins SIR Paul and felton assumes the triple threat position on his pearl perch looking out onto NO ONE because there was never going to be a battle downtown > fans only care about the seasons wars fought by soldiers of self control who are able to play together...i feel optimistic about this upcoming season (despite a few rotten eggs) and the road traveled during this campaign should prove to be less bumpy than what was endured last year...with that said - i said "here you go" a bit ago so ill make good on that now...


lillard - this is lame enough for blazer insiders like mike&mike to (forget they talk about food more than basketball during games) say "lets embrace the youth movement...and forget we loved nates regime of antique stars possibly from antiquity (but from a different region that housed detlef?/kemp?/etc) defined by a playing style that doesnt cater to rotating rosters always leaning TOWARDS youth without actually acknowledging that fact...because nate was the captain of the ship and he sure sank with it"... (cant help but think of trainspotting a bit - hopefully lillards promise can be just as real)

nolan - i have nothing but conflicting thoughts on nolan (could i dislike his bball game he a nice guy=sure)...ill save time by mixing 3 obvious references - simply say > "you cant be half a gangster nolan"...&

price - not worth talking about because he shouldnt play a single minute...SO was kareem a blazer=no...because the price is always wrong (trader) bob...


wes - my opinions of this backup living the life of a starter in a city with rudy'93 like fans (who never did like rudy'08) can best be explained by this little goose that was once cooked but now sits pretty on golden nuggets courtesy of very average players like wes... (whats worse than the block? = mike rice always saying "i told you" or something similar in order to maintain his bball guru status - the trouble is another mike (myers to be exact > who could soften the blow us fans take every blazers broadcast) isnt his sideline partner)

elliot - HERE IS THE INJURY FOOTAGE (sort of=reenactment) > two > many more potholes to come - i hate to say it but the Ewill era is over...

barton - i guess ill have to wait to be either pleasantly surprised or proven right but...summer league proved my initial concerns to be right = please tell me all other fans have not missed some of bartons fast breaks/drives resulting in a lay up (courtesy of awkward coordination) instead of a dunk (most nba athletes are required to have the same level of coordination regardless of moving with/without the ball)...when i saw barton play in summer league i only saw this childhood memory... (when barton plays ill always remember luigis legs live on - hopefully that will mean something positive but right now i dont see it as something that will benefit bartons development&potential)


batum - only a few thoughts (ill hold my TONGUE until i see how he ACTS on the court with everything in his future secure - w/added responsibility) = these two look alike (more closely maybe a couple of years before this MJ video w/skin a shade darker) & i hope some similar sense of PASSION will enter batums game because he is obviously more versatile than derrick williams (despite Dwill offering financial freedom/similar potential) so in a way the blazers got/retained the right guy...hopefully batum can develop his ball handling/work on his MJ footwork so he can actually penetrate with SKILL instead of relying on the 3ball or driving with the only result being a prayer thrown up towards the rim (as of right now - batum is no modern day ice man)...

claver - i hope his injuries have not limited his not sold on his game but i think he serves a purpose on the court = 3ball and above the rim but not quite as good as shepherd (sounds like rudy but claver is not a SG so hopefully he can show more versatility than babbitt)...and i know its a stretch but i think the blazers curse of mike&mike will be forever burned into the subconscious of "my early late 20s" just like how the "greatness" of pete&pete happens to be burned into my preteen nostalgia for everything peculiar that happened to make a buck on "insert trend here">irony despite itself??? - does victor look like the older pete&pete really rudy&victor...who knows if not artie now in charge of the blazers in the form of coach T "ps - give me another shot and ill be a good coach like the thunder dude" S...

pavlovic - uh oh...two worlds collide...two spurts of rebuilding dont help the case of either player though... (hes had his day in the sun but time is catching up - sad part is that he probably has more "oil" than babbitt (read below) so his place on the team is basically > here for a night like santa in the blazers fan memory bank resulting in a shiny new 2013 draft pick)


LA - sadly the exact opposite of this poem is true (only for LA and his followers)...for an all star...for the leader of the blazers...for a professional relying on HEART...

freeland - pretty simple synopsis = i like his game and i have high hopes for his reasonable future...blazers/all teams need the player who will BRUISE > i hope he gets tougher and sharpens his bull in a china shop mentality...but foul trouble-my god-the foul trouble will hopefully not be an issue > i think he will prevail "dah'ling and always be looking forward to the next one"...

babbitt - little did babbitt know that when he starting making it rain with 3s - well his overall game would dry up (some might ask > overall game?...babbitt did have a more complete game in college but he has been progressing in the wrong direction ever since he was drafted = nates or his fault? - maybe both)... (minus the heart defect - LA has that covered - because by all accounts babbitt is a hard worker...maybe he needs better people around him focusing his energy because he sure isnt working on what keeps a shooter on the court > you know!!! - like SOME defense/etc)


leonard - im very glad leonard found the blazers or maybe its the other way around...granted he impressed the blazers first but hell impress the rest of the fans/doubters soon enough...i bet he will be the starter when the season starts & an eventual all star & the blazers center for the next decade...his legacy will be in good company (the resemblance between the two is merely "circumstantial and and and and and and and and and coincidental - thank you")...

JJ - the guy is just redundant (hopefully he leaves in style - can he dance?) > freelands presence & longer contract will show the blazers superior JJ the door after this year... (hopefully JJ and wes are traded together but if not then i would trade wes for JJ redick with similar $/expiring contract & trade JJ for NOTHING because all teams either dont need him or they wouldnt be willing to trade similar $ players > morrow/etc)...let JJ hickson & JJ redick go after this season = use the money added to the existing cap room (courtesy of weszzz horrible contract off the books) to go after a starting SG (only if you dont draft one) or preserve it with only adding "veterans" to buy the rebuilding effort some time (the blazers future is = lillard/maybe barton/batum/maybe claver/LA/freeland/leonard = 2 (1 smaller for PG help and 1 bigger for SF help) SGs short of a viable rotation)

jeffries - whenever i saw channing frye? (i already forgot how to spell his name? & no - i dont have the desire to find out) i saw this actor in this role...but now (to a lesser degree) i see this character when i see the blazers inferior JJ... (if some people think this is overly critical then to you i say > youre lucky you didnt play rec bball with a guy who looked like the child of vlade divac and lionel richie = his hair caused the most pain during sudden whips of energy but the scoop shots were even more deadly so he was always on the court - always the last one to leave - always the only one uninjured)...jeffries and his 3 year extended $ deal need to leave portland ASAP before he likes portland enough to adopt it as a place of interest > doesnt frye now call portland home with a 503 or 971 number? (if so then his bball twin needs to be stopped neeeOW - for the love of sabonis!!!)

so = some connections were positive while others left little to your imagination...but like i said - im not at all pessimistic about the future because the blazers killed two birds (lillard/leonard) with one LA all star game nod (this will always be a pity vote until he gets in on his OWN - not like oprah playing to the emotions of others)...the blazers finally realized they better make major changes while they still have a player of LAs caliber?...the changes that we will see in action in less than a month have been nothing short of spectacular...PG=lillard>check...SG="easy" solution via draft or trade leading to a signing with added cap relief (plenty of minutes to see what barton is about/Ewill was exposed for hopefully the LAST time)...SF=batum>check...PF=LA>check...C=leonard>check...bench=guards > none (maybe barton) so thats an issue but forwards - yes with freeland (maybe claver)...the BLAZERS are one logical draft/off season away from having a complete picture ready for its title close up = i hope more fans get excited about the future for the right reasons > its never too late...IT IS true for us blazer fans = oden/brandon "mini nate" roy/Ewill AKA "TROUBLE has set us free" (Ewill was the last Q mark now answered with his injury prone body - known from day 1) and we can ignore the future injuries that dont happen because of a curse > its "simple" genetics and the blazers will always come back to the top and reconnect with where they left their fans...alone wearing 70s jeans...standing next to waltons title...listening to what maude taught harold on guitar...what fans should never forget...what the blazers will experience this life or the next...courtesy of sabonis...and his soldiers that hail from RIP may be the ending for this = = but its definitely the beginning of that blazers era soon to be home to a second blazers title & the first true blazers dynasty = too much??? (with only the 2013 draft/off season standing in the way - so is that less daunting of a roadblock than the kobe/shaq team able to throw elbows with impunity...shaq had no thought about the RULES because stern sets up certain rules or makes elbows legal so he can dictate titles for specific teams each year = he makes one rule appear out of nowhere with a firm grip but then allows the old NBA style of physical play to die with his handshake now revealed to be of the weak/refs who bet on bball/etc variety that is NOW so obvious once we take a look at that face of his with eyes so empty > we now know this little man (with the power to run a league that "cares" about everything except its most successful era/maybe not its most popular era = the old days before the YEAR 2000 where players were cliche dudes and only allowed to win if they beat their opponents and NOT just the system stern set up > lebrons fragile psyche wouldnt last multiple playoff rounds with the ewings & the mournings & the jordans & the ETCCCC) named stern has maybe even less soul than mickey mouse (the nba is on the path to become a TRUE real life amusement park equipped with the flopping/etc that was showcased in the Olympics SO lets hope either the blazers win a title before the stern effect reaches 100% or can stern just quit soon & i mean SOON)

i should have ended this on a good note but there is always something to correct = GO BLAZERS & RIP CITY & SABONIS and lets have actual fun again ("pippen for 3" - burned in my memory because i loved that shot & i still cant believe pippen was a blazer because i hated the bulls) in the rose garden AKA the reason why all arenas built in the 90s should be destroyed (i hope im not the only one who thinks this but we all realize we are walking into an arena with a pringle chip on top of it = right???...what place does the pringle chip hold in the heart of a true blazer fan??? (that may be the question we need to answer in order to bring a title to that eye sore - the MC may be small but it still has the big prize)...i am all for the destruction of the rose garden so paul allen can do what he was supposed to (fans logic) and build a bigger version of the MC AKA the house of true blazer bball...but OH WELL - OKAY...lets go 2013 season - hurry up!!!???!!!

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