Sixth Man

So When looking at the blazers roster for this up coming season I still have a fuzzy idea of who will be our first man off the bench....our Sixth Man. Our Roster currently looks like:

PG: Damian Lillard, Ronnie Price

SG: Wesley Matthews, Elliot Williams, Nolan Smith, Sasha Pavlovic, Will Barton

SF: Nicolas Batum, Victor Claver

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge, J.J. Hickson, Jared Jeffries, Joel Freeland, Luke Babbitt

C: Meyers Leonard

Im also assuming that Hickson Will Start. I think we have a lot of good role players, but no sixth man like we had in crawford last season. So the options:

E-will: Has potential, can currently turn into a sixth man, but his injurious past makes in hard for me to feel he can begin the season in this role.

Nolan: Another possibility. He showed he can score like an NBA player in summer league, but.......thats still summer league, so again i dont think he is ready to begin in this role.

Barton: Possible later in the season, he'll need to prove himself first but could ultimately blossom into the sixth man our team needs, but again not at the start of the season.

Claver: I dont think he is a sixth man candidate, he is a great energy guy off the bench to make plays, but i dont feel like he has the necessary experience to fill this role.

Babbitt: No.

Freeland: Though unproven, this is my choice for the first man off our bench to begin the season. He is already established as a great big man in Europe, and was one of the few bright points for Great Britain in the Olympics. He can rebound, shoot it pretty well, and be the piece of the bench to really stretch the floor. But again this is not a clear cut decision.

Leonard: I highly doubt it. He could develop really well this year, but I think he'll have a bigger role next year after he gets a season in. He is no Andrew Bynum, but Bynum played only 7.3 minutes per game his rookie year. I think its smart that we follow a similar path with Meyers to maximize on his potential, thus making him not in the running for sixth man.

Our sixth man this season has so many options, and i could very well see it changing throughout the season, but who is going to begin the season in this role? Thoughts?

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