The Greatest Trade In Blazers History (Actually)

No disrespect to Mo Lucas, but the Roy Trade won. If you want comments, here they are.

The Blazers of 1974 were poised. In a way that only the Celtics could appreciate. Top center, big time scoring. Only thing missing was an enforcer.

Enter Mo Lucas.

Not only was it a trade for a pick (which should disqualify it from "Best Trade" imo, that is other teams could of/should of grabbed him therefore it goes under Dumb Luck) it was a pick from a dispersal draft. That is, the best player/s from a team getting shut down.

Enter Brandon Roy.

Ah, 2003. Anyone else remember that year? I do.

That was the year I bought nosebleed seats knowing I would be moved to the lower bowl just to make it look like a big crowd.

They curtained off the 300 section at least three times when I was there, so the National TV broadcast couldn't show the empty seats.

Sales dwindled, fans jumped ship.

For gods sake we even flirted with a FREAKING PRO LACROSSE TEAM in 2006.

Then the Blazers drafted Roy.

Outside of a championship, what more could the man have done? We might be mad at him now for the Minny BS, but he still revitalized and resurrected the Blazers. How many others, like me, swore they were done with the Blazers BS? How many others despised and loathed what Trader Bob and Co. dumped on us? How many empty promises were made?

Its true, I am young. I don't remember the Championship. You can't look down on me for being born in the wrong year, and quite frankly, you don't want to go there. (Hey gramps, remember CDs?) I love that those Blazers brought a winning attitude to our city, but they don't own it.

In 2006 I was DONE with the Blazers. My Clyde Vibe was ebbing. My Sheed Weed was wilting, and nothing good was going on. i couldn't talk to anyone about the Blazers without a huge sneer and/or smirk of derision. People were DONE, and then came Roy.

I'm not going to get into what Roy did for the Blazers, since I'm sure it's entirely subjective, but I don't think it's too out of bounds to say he was the Blazer's Lazarus. Not a savior, but he stopped the Blazetanic from going down.

No mean feat.

Lastly, where the heck is my "Add a Poll" option?

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