Raptors pull Qualifying Offer from Jerryd Bayless, now UFA

Now that the Toronto Raptors management has pulled the Qualifying Offer from Jerryd Bayless,

Bayless is now unrestricted and looking for a job. The expectations for a franchise PGOTF were not an ideal match for what Jerryd Bayless truly is, and this a lead Bench Scoring Guard. Guy 6 through 8 off the Bench depending on the rotation, but he is a tempo-setter who is going to have to drive the ball and score. Skills that he has.

To me, Jerryd Bayless is an exciting and promising young guard in the NBA. I blame a lot of the poor Point Guard play from the Blazers during the Nate McMillan Era on Nate McMillan. Sarge was Hell on the heads and confidence of ALL of the young guards that he coached, other than B-Roy. If I really tell you how I feel, I feel that a lot of legit talent and skill sets were wasted in McMillan's boot camp.

A few weeks ago on BlazersEdge there was a fanpost with a poll asking which former Blazers guard would you like to bring back. After 264 votes, Jerryd Bayless was tied for #2 on that list:

Jarret Jack 40%

Jerryd Bayless 23%

Patty Mills 23%

Others receiving votes were Sergio Rodriguez, Armon Johnson and Randy Foye: and Steve Blake was not in the poll question because we all know he would win.

Why Bayless?

I always loved the guys rep as a gym rat. Scorers get better when they work at it. Bayless has had FG% above 42% for the last two seasons. And this past season, Bayless improved his 3-point % from 33% up to 42%! Bayless is a lock to be a double-digit bench scorer, whom I feel has a few more solid years of improvement. Jerryd has the heart to stretch that even longer.... No I am not saying he is an All-Star, but he is not too far off being a really valuable lead-guard in some-team's rotation.

What say you BlazersEdge? Would signing combo-guard Jerryd Bayless a player to provide experience, scoring and insurance to SG Elliott Williams and GF Will Barton?

Do you like Bayless? Better Question, could Bayless be a player that really helps Portland WIN GAMES. For where he would fit and what he would cost, is Bayless part of the solution?

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