Rebounding and Will Barton

Perhaps, more than any other college stat, rebounding is essential to determining NBA value. It projects well between levels and is extremely important.-basketballprospectus

Will Barton 13.6
Kidd-Gilchrist 13.3
Bradley Beal 11.6
Terrence Ross 11.1
Harrison Barnes 9
Tony Wroten 8.9
Jeremy Lamb 7.3
Jared Cunningham 6.5
Austin Rivers 5.8
Dion Waiters 5.4
Kendall Marshall 4

I don't entirely understand why Will Barton is such a good rebounder. He weighs a measly 175 pounds and doesn't have the stocky build of a typical rebounding guard. He actually measures fairly similar to Jamal Crawford, who is literally one of the worst rebounders ever. (Earl Boykins had a better rebound rate) Nonetheless, Barton managed to pull in a spectacular 8 rebounds per game last season.

Rebounding translates very well to the NBA so Barton will almost certainly be a very good rebounder at the next level. It's no coincidence that the NBA's best rebounding guard last season was also the best rebounding guard in his draft class.

Barton's standing reach is another encouraging sign for his future as a legitimate 2 guard. I don't see any reason he wouldn't be able to continue rebounding at a high level especially if he manages to put on weight.

Nic Batum 8'8.75"
Kidd-Gilchrist 8'8.5"
Will Barton 8'6.5"
Jeremy Lamb 8'6"
Tony Allen 8'6"
Rudy Fernandez 8'5.5"
Harrison Barnes 8'5.5"
Brandon Roy 8'5"
Nick Young 8'4.5"
Jrue Holiday 8'4.5"
Russell Westbrook 8'4.5"
Bradley Beal 8'4"
OJ Mayo 8.4"
Austin Rivers 8'

"I wouldn't be surprised if, in a few years, he supplanted Wes Matthews as the starting two guard in Portland."-Chad Ford

I don't know if that's true, but I do know that the Blazers could desperately use some rebounding in the backcourt.

Evan Turner 12.2
Paul George 10.6
Tony Allen 8.9
Dwyane Wade 8.7
Manu Ginobili 8.4
Kyle Lowry 8.2
Jason Kidd 8.1
Thabo Sefolosha 8.0
Kobe Bryant 7.8
Rajon Rondo 7.7
James Harden 7.4
Russell Westbrook 7.4
Andre Miller 7.1
John Wall 7.1
Ramon Sessions 7.1
OJ Mayo 6.9
Ricky Rubio 6.7
George Hill 6.6
Jeremy Linn 6.6
Gordon Hayward 6.6
Shannon Brown 6.3
Ty Lawson 6.2
Jameer Nelson 6.1
Brandon Knight 5.9
Chris Paul 5.8
Ray Allen 5.3
Mike Conley 4.2
Jimmer Fredette 3.5
Raja Bell 3.5

Raymond Felton had the 54th "best" rebounding rate last season for a PG. Matthews finished 47th among shooting guards while Jamal Crawford ended up an embarrassing 79th.

The Blazers need rebounding (and defense) from their guards badly. Statistically, Will Barton compares very favorably to highly touted rebounding and defensive minded prospects such as MKG. On offense he's light-years ahead. He's a much better passer, shooter, ball handler, and he turns the ball over less.

Will Barton 8 35% 92 26.6 17.4 12.3 2.4 2.1
Kidd-Gilchrist 7.4 26% 92 21.2 10.8 17.3 1.9 2.8

It's obviously too early to tell, but I think you could make a strong case that Barton's rebounding, defense, passing, and contract make him a more favorable alternative to Wesley Matthews.

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