NO match Hibbert reasoning (update poll)

Fictitious conversation:

Olshey's interview:

Paul Allen: " We want to 'retool!"
Neil Olshey (thinking: "hmm he must of had too much code when he was young ... too many Dead concerts")
Answers: Well looking at Free Agency there is Deron (doesn't like the rain) Williams, Ahh maybe Brook Lopez,
oh I know maybe Roy Hibbert he's kinda an allstar when Superman is not around.
Paul Allen: Hibbert? He's pretty good? Ahh restricted isn't he?
Neil Olshey (thinking: 'yyeesss!! I suckered 'im into a rebuild')
Answers: "Yeah he's pretty good but Indy will never max him."

Elsewhere a little later:

Starbucks on Larry Bird Blvd.:

Donnie Walsh: "Kevin, so what do you think of the team?"
Kevin Pritchard: "Sucks"
Donnie Walsh: "Yeah pretty much, I think that's why the Bird flew the coop"
Kevin Pritchard: "Just practice fodder for Miami and now with the Nets ... NO hope!"
Donnie Walsh "Rebuild?"
Kevin Pritchard: "Rebuild!"
Donnie Walsh: "What'll we tell the fans?"
Kevin Pritchard: "Rise with us ... Portland bought it and their fans are rabid and not in a nice way"
Donnie Walsh: "Cool! where do we start?"
Kevin Pritchard: "Let Portland land the big stiff and then trade Granger and West"


I have been thinking (bad idea) since the big announcement what the heck was Olshey thinking? Did he really
think he could land Hibbert? What was his reasoning? Does he think the 'retool' will work; is he sold on it?
Conventional wisdom was and still is is that Indy will match. Then I got to thinking (again a bad idea) maybe he
is really sold on the 'retool' and he thought that this was the only way to put together a half way decent core that
could grow and get tweaked along the way. Actually, I've thought all along that they would go all out this summer
and the 'retool' was for real. I've posted as much but the response was a decided lack of belief. Olshey must have
taken a hard look at where Indy was at and decided that they may not be inclined to match a max deal.
Paul Allen and him agree they really want the 'retool' to work. The Blazers would go all out or force a rebuild and that is where we're at.

Now we've seen these two statements:

From David Aldridge: "The team's owner, Herb Simon, has OK'd a decision to go either way depending on what the team's new basketball operations group, led by team president Donnie Walsh and general manager Kevin Pritchard, ultimately recommend."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Hibbert. If they were really into Hibbert the way Portland was with their
franchise guy you'd think he'd come out ala Larry Miller and Paul Allen and say Roy's (insert first or last name) our guy no matter what!

Then we hear from Presidente' Donnie Walsh:

“We’re either going to match or not match, but we’re looking at all our options and looking at what else we might do,”

he said. “We’re trying to make our team better, but our first priority is still keeping Roy. We’re obviously working under a (salary) cap, and you want to keep the team in a position of being able to grow as you go along. That’s what we’re analyzing right now.”

A lot of hedge going on there. So they are analyzing how they can keep the team in a position to grow ... hmmm

If you were Indy what do you think of their situation and what would you do?

Here's a fanpost:

So far Indy has looked at Kaman and Gordon and now their looking at a couple of other guys namely
Ian Mahinmi and Gerald Green. You can surmise for yourself; it does make one wonder though.

What are they thinking?


Roster*...........................Cap Hit

Danny Granger............13,058,606
David West.................10,000.000
George Hill**..................8,000,000
Tyler Hansbrough..........3,055,259
Dahntay Jones..............2,900,000
Paul George.................2,574,120
Darren Collison.............2,319,344
Jeff Pendergraph...........1,500,000
Lance Stephenson...........870,000


ADD(?)..........................Cap Hit

Roy Hibbert***..............14,000,000

Total (ouch! hits cap)...58,277,329

Miles Plumlee.................894,400

A.J. Price
Kyrylo Fresenko
Rounded off (guess)......3,000,000

Total .........................62,171,729

* From Storyteller:

** From

***Disputed number

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