Possible Blazer strategy for free agency?

I have been looking at the blazer's cap room and think that there are good free agents that we can sign. We could also make more cap room...

1. Trade Kurt Thomas for a future first round draft pick. A team say the thunder who have a raw prospect in Ibaka, who will most likely lose veteran Nazr Mohammed would probably bite on this. I am confident they will have a very late 1st round draft pick. Also maybe cash considerations may be thrown in by the thunder.

2. Trade Luke Babbitt and Wesley Matthews for Jeff Teague, Jordan Williams, and 1 or 2 upcoming first round draft picks. The Hawks don't have a true Small forward and have a logjam at the point guard position. They also don't have a dominant Shooting guard. We could shed over 6.5 million dollars.

3. Trade Shawne Williams for sign and trade Daniel Green. Shawne Williams is unproven. Danny green is a shooting guard that did well with the Spurs last year. we could shed about 2.3 million dollars.

Considering we make the above trades we will have a starting point guard, a young power forward, and a rising small forward. All we will lose is an unproven small forward, a, soon to be 40 year old power forward-center, a small forward, and, in my opinion, an over paid shooting guard. These trades will free up about 10.2 million dollars and give 2-3 first round draft picks.

~After these trades have been made it's time to sign.

1. Sign Nic Batum. If we do those trades we could sign him no problem. It is expected he'll go for 8-9 million. But this prepares us for if he goes 10-12 million. (We could sign him with the money we saved in the trades above.)

2. Sign Indian Pacer's RFA, Roy Hibbert for a 4 year $58 million contract. Hibbert was wowed, Pacers move on to meet with Kaman.

3. Sign UFA Landry Fields for maybe a 4 year $12 million contract.

4. Resign J.J. Hickson to a 4 year $16 million contract.

We would have spent 21.5 of this years cap space for numbers 2,3,4...

Roster after the above transactions:

Point Guard: Jeff Teague, Damian Lillard, Nolan Smith (average age=22.67)

Shooting Guard: Landry Fields, Elliot Williams, Will Barton (average age=22.67)

Small Forward: Nic Batum, Daniel Green (average age=24)

Power Forward: LaMarcus Aldridge, J.J. Hickson, Jordan Williams (average age=23.33)

Center: Roy Hibbert, Meyers Leonard (average age 22.5)

If this happened it would be great for a team that is rebuilding. The average age of this team is 23.03. The Blazers could make an impact in years to come!

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