This is for the stat geeks

I just feel like throwing out some all-time Blazers stats of current Blazers compared to past Blazers

I will also include Brandon Roy and Joel Przybilla, and maybe an occasional active player no longer with Portland. I’m going to ignore the 2011-12 stats (because it was a shortened season) unless there was a significant improvement from the 2010-11 season.

most field goals made- In the 2010-11 season Aldridge made 707 field goals putting him at 10th all-time with 3172. If he duplicates that this next season he will be ranked 7th all-time.

Joel Przybilla has the highest field goal percentage of any Blazer ever with .574.

Most 3 pointers made- Batum is 9th with most 3 pointers made (341). Rudy Fernandez and Martel Webster are 8th with 373. In 2010-11 he scored 118 but shot .345. Last season he scored 107 but shot .391. If he keeps up this pace he has a good chance of beating Clyde Drexler to become 4th all time. Drexler currently has 464.

3point percentage- This doesn’t say much but so far Wesley Matthews has the 6th best 3point percentage with .396. Batum is currently at .372.

Free throw percentage- Wesley Matthews has the 6th best free throw percentage (.850) and Batum has the 10th best (.836). Kiki Vandeweghe is 1st (.881) and is the only player in the top 10 for most free throws made.

Offensive rebounds- Lamarcus Aldridge is 5th All-time for most offensive rebounds (1218) and Przybilla is 9th (911). Aldridge is on pace to pass Mychael Thompson for 4th place. Buck Williams is 3rd with 1694. It will most likely take Aldridge 2 full seasons to pass that. Kersey has 1900. That is atleast 3 seasons worth away. Even if Przybilla plays again, he will most likely stay where is is at.

Defensive Rebounds- Przybilla is 10th all time behind Duckworth with 2099 defensive rebounds. If he plays again he has a good chance of passing him.

Total rebounds- No current player is in the top 10 for total rebounds. Although Aldridge has 3273, Duckworth is 10th with 3327. Aldridge will definitely pass him this next year and has a great chance of moving into 6th place.

Blocks- Przybilla is 4th all-time with 623 blocks, 70 behind Rasheed Wallace. He will most likely never move past him. Aldridge is 9th all-time with 431 blocks and has a good chance of passing Sabonis for the 9th spot.

Aldridge is currently 10th al-time in points with 7738. He scored 1769 in 2010-11 and if he matches that, he will be 7th all-time.

Player efficiency rating- Brandon Roy is 4th all-time with 20.1 and Aldridge is 5th all-time with 19.6.

True shooting percentage- Przybilla is tied with Buck Williams for 3rd alltime (.592) and Batum is 8th (.576).

Effective Field goal percentage- Przybilla is 1st all time (.574) and Batum is 6th (.542).

Offensive rating- Batum is 7th all-time (116) and Roy is 8th (115.6).

I found some of these stats very surprising, such as Batum having a better offensive rating than Roy and having such good field goal percentages.

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