Trade Targets Teams in Flux: Sac, Hou & Atl

With so many possibilities out there, it is probably so complicated to ensure that your team will have 13+ players on the roster, that you will be competitive even through injury, and that your fan base will be excited enough to spend money.

One way that I'd try to cut corners, or rather, take advantage of another team as a General Manager (i.e. PritchSlap) is to attack teams when they are down and totally in flux. Teams who are willing to "Go in a new direction" are often places where strong packaged deals can be had for little quality in return. Speaking of the pritchslap, I think it fitting that Mr. Olshey goes into Indiana to take away their leader and All-Star Center Roy Hibbert immediately after KP got that job. Total ambush, and KP is so confident in "his" moves that there is NO WAY they get "foreced" into a max deal with any player... Hibbert is a Blazer!

Look at Sacramento, Houston and Atlanta as places where a UFA/RFA might be able to slip away without any resistance, or a place where a Multi-Player and/or Multi-Team trade could be effective. During the Draft hype, Houston and Sacramento had been rumored to be discussing Lowry+2 picks for Tyreke+#5. Here are these teams that seem to be in total flux and what their assets and opportunities might be:

Sacramento Kings: Rookie stud Thomas Robinson slid to #5 and Sacramento should have a dynamic frontcourt moving forward, however they have tremendously crowded roster. Desired Kings to Blazers: SG Tyreke Evans, SG Terrence Williams, SF Travis Outlaw, FC Jason Thompson. Thompson could be a steal if the Kings were to move him, afterall they just spent pick #5 on Franchise PF ThomRob! I'd rather have Evans than Batum, so a S&T could be done, Nic+Wes+fodder might net a nice catch from Sactown's pond? Why not have Outlaw thrown into a deal so he could be a 3rd or 4th weapon off the bench.. Outlaw!

PG: Isaiah Thomas & Jimmer Freddette

SG; Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thorton, (UFA) Terrence Williams

SF: Fransisco Garcia, John Salmons, Travis Outlaw, Tyler Honeycut

PF: (R) Thomas Robinson, (RFA) Jason Thompson, (UFA) Donte Green

FC: DeMarcus Cousins, Chuck Hayes, Hassan Whiteside

Houston Rockets: Brought in three First Rounders, and signed Center Omer Asik. Houston is focused on signing Goran Dragic, but there are 5 or more teams potentially offering to him. Another recent headline is that Luis Scola is being shopped in what seems like a mutual decision to go different directions. Desired Rockets to Blazers: PG Kyle Lowry, SG Kevin Martin, PF Luis Scola, PF Patrick Patterson. Lowry is still an attractive player to any franchise, and Houston is hoping he can stay around in case Dragic is woo'd away. Houston is at a youth movement, so Kevin Martin and Luis Scola are totally available, how much do either have left?

PG: (UFA) Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry, (R) Scott Machado, Courtney Fortson, (RFA) Aaron Brooks

SG: Kevin Martin, (RFA) Courtney Lee, (R) Jeremy Lamb, Shaun Livingston

SF: (R) Royce White, Chandler Parsons, Diamon Simpson

PF: Luis Scola, (R) Terrence Jones, Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris, John Brockman

FC: (New) Omer Asik, Greg Smith, Jon Leuer, (UFA) Marcus Canby

Atlanta Hawks: Recently traded SF Marvin Williams to Utah for PG Devin Harris. Also, agreed to trade SG Joe Johnson to Brooklyn for PG Jordan Farmar, SG Anthony Morrow, GF DeShawn Stevenson, PF Jordan Williams, Center Johan Petro. is reporting that Atlanta is Howards desired landing place? Desired Hawks to Blazers: PG Jeff Teague and F Josh Smith. Smith is a very exciting player whom I think Blazerland would immediately fall in love with Smith vs. Batum, toss up to me, but truthfully Batum is probably better. IF Atlanta favors youth, it could be done. Jeff Teague is a great prospect but with Harris and Farmar just brought in, it could be an epic steal!

PG: Devin Harris*, Jeff Teague, Jordan Farmar*

SG: DeShawn Stevenson*, Anthony Morrow*, (R) John Jenkins

SF: Josh Smith

PF: Al Horford, Jordan Williams*, (R) Mike Scott

FC: ZaZa Pechulia, Johan Petro*

Should Portland Strike while these teams are down?

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