What a great hire for Paul Allen and the Vulcan crew...

Neil Olshey is just what this franchise needs right now. His communication skills are outstanding and he has purpose behind every word...

He seems to have a clear vision of what he believes this team needs to win a championship and, so far, appears to have the ability to get his bosses to believe in it as well. Something previous GMs apparently lacked. When Olshey speaks, everyone and everything is delivered in the positive, regardless of the situation or the questions asked of him.

His words continuously focus on the never-ending improvement of this team; both organically and synthetically, as well as from the micro- (players) and macro- (leadership) levels. And, up to this point, he appears to have the chops (leadership and communication skills) to convince everyone (leadership, employees and fans) to buy into his vision with his (IMHO) excellent communication skills. He, it seems to me, anticipates questions and objections in advance and then proceeds to answer them, positively, before a (more than likely) pessimistic question has a chance to even be asked. He appears to gives genuine praise and appreciation to those before him; those who did the best they could in the situation they were in. It's superb verbal maneuvering and, like I said, he appears to be genuine with his comments.

Oh, he will take his lumps and criticisms in the media for his comments, whatever they may be. We all do. In fact, I'll guarantee that there are those of you who will vehemently disagree with my post. It will be, more likely, around one-third of you. They say that 33% love you, 33% hate you, and 33% just don't care. If our new GM can convince the 33% that 'just don't care' to believe that this team can win and manages to get approximately 66% of the people (the media, the fans, the organization and, most importantly, the players) to truly believe they can contend for the title - if he can truly inspire - then he's earned his paycheck.

Before reading this transcript (and I admit that hadn't read any of Olshey's previous transcripts, because...) I was squarely stuck in the 'just don't care' category - about Olshey, or, quite frankly, about any other member of our previous PTB management team(s). However, based on what I'm hearing (reading?) from our new GM in this transcript, I now find myself inching my way over to the '33% love you' arena. I must admit, I'm feeling pretty good about where this team is now headed and I'm thinking Olshey will soon convince many more to trust his judgments and decision-making skills regarding the direction of this team and how we get there. (Hell, this is the guy who seems to have turned around the Clippers! Yes, those Clippers...)

He seems to have the skill-set to influence enough people and get them to believe this team can improve and grow enough to win it all, and I mean sooner, rather than later. That is, he may be able to help manifest the most important (and elusive) factor - one that has been missing in our team for far too long - needed for achieving any great feat: an unwavering and unrelenting belief that one can, indeed, achieve one's goal. You know? Like winning the NBA title*.

I hope that... no, I expect that Olshey just may be the GM to gets us that title.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the question below. Also, please feel free to explain your choice. I'm always looking for new perspectives.


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