Did Dwight Jaynes meddle in the Batum Free-Agency Deal?

There is an interesting article here that has the glint of truth resonating in it. See Bill McDonald's comments

After laying out a back-history of Dwight's relationship with David Kahn and Rick Adelman, he continues about how Dwight might have tried to dirty up the waters with false or misleading information:

"It would certainly explain how Dwight treated Batum during all this. It appeared to me that Dwight was trying to drive a wedge between Portland and Batum, making the deal more likely to go through.

I still wonder about Dwight's post where he said that an offer from Minnesota to Batum would freeze our salary cap for that amount, and hurt our chances of getting Hibbert. That one even went to Indiana, before it was corrected there. Dwight - though he was called out repeatedly - never admitted he was wrong about it, choosing to leave this take on the negative impact Nic was having, out there for Blazer fans, even though it was incorrect.

Then Dwight said his sources told him Batum wanted "no part" of playing for the Blazers, and then after Batum denied saying that, Dwight basically said Batum was lying. Finally, a reporter asked Batum if he would be upset if he had to come back to Portland and Batum said no.

But the real proof is Dwight's description of Batum flying out here "on his own dime" to "give a message" to the Blazers - that he wanted "no part" of playing here.

Meanwhile, Batum's own agent said they were here to "request" a trade. At this point Dwight was being more strident about Batum leaving Portland than Batum's own agent.

Dwight claims that was just semantics, but "delivering a message" and making a request are two different things.

Dwight knows how to use words. Semantics? That's what he does for a living.

For example, Nic could just take the qualifying offer - reported by Dwight to be 5.4 million although I've read it could be less - and then be free to go anywhere in another year if he truly wanted "no part" of playing here. Dwight called the 5.4 million number a "pittance." A pittance? Give me a break.

All this went away in time. Nic proved he wanted some part of playing for the Blazers when he signed the offer sheet.

But how much damage was done?

This depiction of Batum as just another disgruntled athlete making demands after entering into a contract, was completely unfair to Nic, and the blowback started among Blazer fans immediately."

Read the whole thread here:

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