Orlando Summer League Notes (Multi-Day Thread) - updated

So I havent been able to watch all the games the last two days but here are some more notes from the games I've been able to see.

Day 4 of Orlando Summer League

Game 1: Detroit vs. Boston

Andre Drummond again showed off his hands but was bricking fadeaway baseline jumpers. He does well when he is moving to the basket, even though he's been missing dunks. When he shoot free throws, it looks like trying to shoot a ballon instead of a basketball. He aims but no one knows where it is going to go.

Austin Daye still looking good. He got a couple nice blocks on the defensive end as well. I feel like he's matured and become a more serious player (maybe going into a contract year'll do that). Detroit's Brandon Knight is a fast PG who can get to the rim effectively but turns the ball over. I'm coming around to Kim English, he'll have success shooting open 3s off screens and kick outs. I like Detroit's development. They'll be relevant in the East this season. Could be a 6-8 seed playoff team with good coaching.

I like Kris Joseph with Boston. Hard to tell how he'll do against better players though. Good shooter and not afraid to mix it up in the paint. Could take some of Jeff Green's minutes.

Day 3 of Orlando Summer League

Game 1: Boston vs. Indiana

Lance Stephenson for Indiana has been solid during summer league. Seems motivated, hustling on both ends of the floor. Bit of a ball hog though. Plumlee has played solid. Still not sure he was the best pick there for Indiana but he may be able to take some minutes from Psycho T (his older, more aggressive clone). Speaking of Psycho T, his little brother made several glaring turnovers, got burned on a quarter-closing drive and was benched.

Boston's Kris Joseph continues to show his value as the 51st pick as he can consistently hit the open J. And got a steal and dunk. Fab Melo actually a decent passer. Hasn't shown much else yet. Interesting to watch the Plumlee vs. Melo action.

Game 2: OKC vs. Detroit

It really seems like it has become an OKC team-wide imperative for guards to attack the rim a la Harden and Westbrook. Even the summer league aspirants follow the lead. Cole Aldrich continues to suck all the air out of the gym.

Singler is effective at setting up big men off the pick and roll. Had a nice connect to Drummond who finished with a finger roll. Drummond showed a good shooting touch around the rim on a couple of buckets. He had his best game by far (as I wrote that in notes, he missed a dunk off a nice dime from Daye). Drummond did get a couple nice blocks and some rebounds. Can I introduce the latest member of the Coulda Been A Blazer Big Man Club?

Austin Daye continued his good play by getting to the rim to complement his perimeter game.

Day 2 of Orlando Summer League Notes

Again, keep in mind this isn't the big time so descriptions of the players' game is all relative to the competition. Hard to tell how any of this translates. It'll be interesting to see if the quality of play will improve by the end of the summer league, the more the kids play with each other, in whatever sets the coaches are giving them.

Game 1 - Utah vs. Philly:
Alec Burks finally got into the summer league swing of things (31 points). Junior Stockton continued solid play at the point. Too bad he is so short, but wouldnt be surprised if he hangs on with Utah as a 2nd or 3rd PG. Can play defense too. The big Turk Kanter remains underwhelming. Of course the Summer League is dominated by guard play but even when Kanter gets the ball, he doesn't do much with it. Doesn't have the low post game you would want and doesnt have a ton of range on the perimeter either. He did get a few tip-ins.

Harkless looked okay in the 1st half even though he did not stand out at all. Seems to still be getting his bearings. At some point he took a left-hip flexor strain that kept him out of 2nd half. Philly's Jacob Pullen (Kansas State) has a decent shot at finding backup PG minutes somewhere. Has good court vision and can both get to rim and hit an open jumper. Looks like he knows what he is doing in a setting where few do (24 points).

Representing Philly's brotherly love, Jrue's sibling Justin Holiday again looked good on both sides of the ball (though not a great shooter). Great length and has a nose for the ball. Has potential to develop offensive game and catch on with a team. Has a good...get ready for it....motor.

Game 2 - Missed OKC vs. IND but I hear Perry Jones III sprained his ankle.

Game 3 - Orlando v Detroit:
Fun to watch Andre Drummond and Kyle O'Quinn matched up on the post. O'Quinn is so solid. Drummond missed a dunk. Problem with Drummond (1 dunk, 1-4 FT for 3 points) is that he plays small. Instead of posting up a couple of times he seemed to backpedal along the baseline, towards the corner, with his hands out as if a guard was going to give him the ball to shoot a jumper. O'Quinn will shoot a jumper but its within the flow, off the pick and pop.

Detroit's SG Kim English hasn't impressed me much, but he has a sweet stroke when in rhythm. Austin Daye continued to show improvement with his dribble and shooting off the dribble. The kind of improvement people had been waiting for Channing Frye to make. Dequan Jones from U. of Miami showed he can dunk in Summer League like he did in NCAA. Not sure he can do anything else.

Game 4 - Boston v. Nets
I feel like Nets' Marshon Brooks is hurting his stock somehow. He did score a few in the 4th though. Everyone was waiting for Adam Morrison to hit some shots. He didn't.

You can see the appeal of Fab Melo in that he is very quick for his height. Active on the boards and blocking shots cuz he gets up quick. But it will take him several years, if ever, to develop effective NBA offensive skills beyond dunking (5 rebounds and 1 block in 13 minutes). Kris Joseph is decent and probably will stick with Boston. Jonathan Gibson, who played in Turkey last year, went off. Hitting all kinds of shots to lead Celts squad to the win.

Day 1 of Orlando Summer League Notes

Had a chance to watch some Summer League games today. Pretty sloppy play and not real NBA competition but it was nice to see some of these draft prospects in NBA type setting. Here are a few of my observations:

- Orlando has some good young PF in Nicholson and O'Quinn.

- Boston's Sullinger looked skilled, as we all knew he was. Fab Melo, not so much.

- OKC's Perry Jones III looks promising. Not super aggressive and probably would've scored more if guards weren't such gunners in summer league. But if his knees hold up, and he catches the same work ethic OKC's stars exhibit, he will be good. OKC's back up point guard Reggie Jackson is solid. If Maynor gets healthy, Jackson could be a decent back up for someone.

- Didnt know John Stockton's son was playing on the Jazz squad. He looked okay. Really short but tough and knows what he's doing and made a few shots.

- I saw Drummond airball two free throws, wouldn't be surprised if he aired more (didnt see whole game). He does have really good hands (had like 4 steals, caught ball in traffic well), and was banging with Utah's Kantner. Drummond is big and sets big picks. If he wasn't getting rebounds, he was tipping balls. I wanted PDX to draft Lillard but also would have wanted them to trade up somehow for Drummond. Now that we won't get Hibbert, seems like a miss.

- Singler was in there hitting some shots (I think he led the game in scoring) and Austin Daye in his like 5th summer league was schooling youngsters. Darron Washington for Utah earned the nickname Crash from from the game announcers for his all-out hustle.

- Pendergraph was banging around for the indiana squad. Plumlee is athletic and made one nice pass and a big dunk off a nice dish. He airballed a hook shot. Again, guards dominating the games so not much action for the big men.

- Moe "Call me Maurice" Harkless did not distinguish himself on the Philly squad in the first half. Didnt score until the last minute of the first half. Did come alive in the 2nd half. Jrue Holiday has a skinny little brother that can ball. Kind of.

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