Beal & Lillard, the only guards for the Blazers to consider.

Bradley Beal is the only guard to consider at the 6th spot. He looks every bit the solid NBA prospect, with a smooth stroke, coach-able team-first attitude, and the tools to become an adequate play maker at the next level. He's as close to a blue chip prospect as this draft has. If he's not there, you pick one of the 'big 5' and call it good.

Lillard is a reach at the 6, but an acceptable risk with the 11th spot. A good pick-and-roll, drive-and-kick point guard is a solid asset in the NBA. However, there are far too many talented bigs to consider Lillard a dunk. Don't let the Blazers' dire need at the point trigger any urges to reach for players when better prospects are available. Lest we forget, the Blazers are rebuilding. That means assets.

The rest of the 1st round guards:

Marshall: his athletic ability and questionable shooting stroke are strong enough drawbacks to lower his NBA ceiling to Sessions-like proportions. No, my friend, he is not sexy enough for the 11.

Rivers: unlike Rivers, I'll pass. Players with Kobe-sized egos are ok as long as they have Kobe-sized talent. Rivers isn't me-first, he's me-ONLY. We don't need a dumb version of Crawford.

Lamb: it's one thing to take a flyer on a big man project, quite another to snap up a two guard who disappears in the big moment. Lamb was often undercooked. No thanks. Not even at 11.

Waiters: the flavor of the month is nice, but one should never, EVER, drop a gallon of vanilla on the floor just to scoop up a few little pink sample spoons of Syracuse-Orange-Sweet-Buzz, or whatever it's called. There are closer to sure things to be had at the 11, although Waiters is an intriguing prospect.

Ross: no play making. None. He's an upgrade to Wes in some respects, but not enough to get excited. Like our PG position, we can't get suckered into reaching for a player just because they look better than the one we already have.

Wroten: guards who cannot shoot, like, at all, are definitely long term projects. He's not even a consideration at 11, nor should he be a consideration at 21. Ironically enough, Wroten is a long shot, which is something he is unlikely to make in the NBA.

All-in-all, this is a crappy crop of guards. Unless Beal falls to 6 and Lillard to 11, It's clearly the year for the Blazers to add depth and upside to the front court.

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