Happily ever after...

With the draft only a handful of days away, the possibilities of this franchise’s future direction are endless, but I’m sure we can all agree that an upward trajectory is due. After fighting gravity the best they could after years of Roy/Oden bad breaks, the organization finally plummeted mid-season and can finally look forward to building something anew rather than just plugging holes.

Let me tell my story of the future and I look forward to living everyone else’s dream by posting your realistic, yet optimistic view of the Blazer’s future. Here’s to happy endings…

My take:

Paul Allen surprised many by hiring Neil Olshey as his next GM, a surprise that rests fully in the fact that ownership dipped back into the pool of staff represented by Warren LeGarie. Last time we heard this name in Blazernation was due to the power struggle that ended with the firings of LeGarie clients Tom Penn and Kevin Prichard. Because LeGarie likes to couple his clients, look forward to this choice having trickle down effects. Primarily, we can make assumptions about the next head coach due to this, but we’ve been promised that the draft will take place first.

On draft night, Drummond begins his plummet down the board forcing the Blazers to as well pass up on a guy that needs either an established center on the roster ahead of him or a team in need of making a big gamble of which the Blazers are neither. Instead, the team takes Damien Lillard at #6 and the best center available at #11 which is Leonard Meyers since the free falling Drummond was taken by the only team ahead of the Blazers looking for a center: The Pistons.

Post-draft, the coaching search goes into high gear because that commodity must be used as leverage in the upcoming free agent market. The search gets narrowed down to a couple LeGarie clients and a few non- but ultimately goes to his best unemployed coach: Mike D’Antoni.

Free Agency comes quickly and as expected the Blazers have to match an offer to Batum before anyone new gets signed, yet still manage to pick up key free agents Steve Nash (a D’Antoni guy) and Spencer Hawes (on a “come home” styled pitch) before locking up JJ Hickson.

With D’Antoni as coach, the new look blazers head into pre-season with the following line-up:

PG Nash/Lillard/Smith

SG Matthews/Williams

SF Batum/Babbitt/Williams

PF Aldridge/Hickson

C Hawes/Meyers/Thomas

Enjoy this week of daydreaming, because the actual future is coming all too soon.

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