My opinion

Resign JJ Hickson(Energy, Boarder,Finisher)

Outside of TROB and Terrence Jones i dont see anyone with the skill set of JJ Hickson as a face-up pf who attacks the glass and finishes with ferocity on the Pick and Roll but also possesses the Mid-Range jumpshot and lateral quickness to hedge the P&R and recover. Great Complement to LMA.

Sign Terrance Williams(Energy,Slashing,Playmaking)

T Will is said to have character issues but i believe he would be an immediate favorite in portland and good player. He's from seattle area. When he was sent to the d league he averaged a triple double. He can do a lot for a ball club he can run the point hes a very good passer due to his height and BBIQ. He can get his own shot, get to the line, and finish. He is a highlight reel waiting to happen. Has 6th man ability, back-up 1/2. Can defend 1-3

Buy a pick and select

Tony Wroten(Most dynamic pg prospect)

easily most dynamic pg prospect. Court Vision and passing ability are amazing. if he can work on his jumpshot he easily becomes steal of the draft. Would benefit from being on bench and analyzing film to gain academic decision making


Damian Lillard(Hard Worker,Chip on Shoulder,Shooter's shooter set/off-dribble, playmaker, efficient, makes simple play, penetrator+floater in the lane)

He's a Mo Williams/Monta Ellis mixture yet efficient do i expect his to put up 25ppg no but i think he can come in and give16ppg and 8 asg initially and increase his production as he gains chemistry


Meyers Leonard(Defense, P&R Finisher, ATHLETE, Defensive Backstop)

After a year of Tutelage under Pryzbilla he will know what an NBA center and Backstop of a defense is suppose to do but will immediately have a defensive presence due to his lateral quickness and athleticism. Not too mention he is built like a spartan warrior

Package Jamal Crawford future 1st rnd pick and 2nd round pick this year plus cash and attempt to get

Tyreke Evans if not get the highest 1st round pick you can or a scorer like Rodney Stuckey.

Evans and Stuckey are both exceptional scoring combo guards with excellent size and athleticism at either back court position.

Evans used to be the former rookie of the year and has earned high praise from brandon roy for being an all around shooting guard. Only knock on evans is his long ball.

Stuckey or Evans would help Damian as both have played point and been the primary ball handler which would take pressure off of him. And there scoring ability takes pressure off of LMA as well.

Damian Lillard

Wesley Matthews




Terrence Williams

Tyreke Evans

Cj Miles

JJ Hickson


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