Have the Stars aligned? Phil Jackson AND Deron Williams to PDX?

I know I'm off my rocker. "Big time free agents don't come to Portland" they say. "Phil Jackson only coaches in the best situation with stars that can get to the Finals". There is a lot of validity to these statements. A LOT. But take a step back for a minute, and see if common sense and reading between the lines fits for the following.

Let's start with D-Will. He's on record saying a winning situation is most important to him. The possibility of him in Dallas with an old team with an increasingly declining Dirk, doesn't really have a rosy long term outlook. Unless Cuban can gut that team over next two years, and then buy a couple additional stars. That's going to take some time though. Brooklyn has the look of a big 'ol fat pig with the most expensive lipstick money can buy. Shiny new digs, new city, and Jay Z as part owner, but that roster is bleak. And management's inability to land Dwight Howard coupled with us hosing them for their lottery pick, can't give D-Will a ton of confidence right now in resigning there. So barring a sign a trade to another high profile team (Lakers), where does the next best current location for immediate success lie? Well in Portland, of course!

Grew up with LMA in Dallas is a good start. Played a season with Wes in Utah, and the Blazers are almost a lock to have Batum return. What's the biggest thing missing? Someone to stir the drink!!! But teaming with the Blazers current core isn't enough to quite get to where they need to.

They need to address rebounding and defense in a HUGE way. Which is why I think Portland is going to draft bigs in this draft. There's a strong chance 1 or 2 of Drummond, Leonard, Zeller, Melo, Sacre ends up in a Blazer uniform. Plus I think they are going to get Spencer Hawes (UFA) to come closer to his hometown of Seattle, for around $6-7mil. That would shore up the middle. Getting closer, but not all the way there yet.

THis is where Olshey will earn his money. Phil Jackson has stated staying close to Montana is a priority for him. We are the only open job in the league that boasts that. Uncle Paul needs to do his best behind the scenes James Bond stuff and have a serious sit down with Phil. Spend the next two weeks hashing though scenarios and financials to see what can be done, with the biggest carrot being the pursuit of D-Will. Then on July 1st, when FA starts, you call D-Will's agent with max deal in hand and say, "Oh and btw, how would Deron feel about playing alongside childhood friend LMA, and being coached together by Phil Jackson?" If he has the respect for him and he truly is all about winning, then how could he say no to that opportunity?

Phil then gets his two All-Stars to work with, and a fresh opportunity to scratch his coaching itch. Nice role players around D-Will and LMA, and I'm sure a pretty sick contract from Uncle Paul. AND he's an 1:15 flight close to home in MT. Has the common sense slapped you across the face yet?

The intro press conference would be legendary: "You know, I've played a big role in crushing this fan base's hope over the years (1992, 2000). I took joy in it and made fun of city and the rain. But I will say this, the fan's and this city have endured more than their fair share of drama and hearteache and truly deserve a winner. To gain some great Zen Kharma, I felt this would be the perfect situation to complete my coaching career, by establishing a championship level team, with an exciting group of talented, young players."

The Blazers phrase the last few years has been "Make it Better. And they said they were "dreaming big" this summer. i say... "Make it a Reality"


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