How to get Dwight and Deron in PDX!!!! and win the ring!!!

by Dane Mangoba with sources from various sites

Dwight Howard’s Possibility

Dwight Howard wants a trade according to AOL and Slam Online. More other sources could confirm this. We all know that Dwight wants to go to a team that has a chance of contending or if not to a contender, he must go to a team where D-Will will. He is available for trade.

Deron William’s Possibility

He is a free agent and wants to go to a team that will contend. More possibly sign with a team where Dwight Howard is.

Portland can make it possible.

The Answer (Of course, the question is how?)

There are several steps to make this possible.

Step 1:

Trade for Dwight Howard

Portland gets: Dwight Howard

Orlando gets: Lamarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews plus 11th pick

ESPN Trade Machine makes this work.

Could also vary but the centerpiece is LMA.

Q:Why would Orlando agree to this trade?

  • Since Dwight is expendable, they would like the best offer possible in exchange, and NO ONE in this league can give the Magic an All-star and a serviceable sixth man. NO ONE CAN OFFER THIS KIND OF TRADE.
  • The Salaries Match
  • They will be putting Howard in a different conference which means that they still have the chance of competing with LMA.
  • The Draft pick will make this trade interesting since the draft is already months away.
  • The would rather have something than nothing in exchange of Dwight Howard when the contract runs out
  • This is next highest bid aside from the rumored Bynum to Howard trade before.

Q:Why would Portland do this?

  • It is a risk but it is a safe one, we all know that if Dwight Howard is with us then the next step would be Deron Williams signing in Portland.
  • There is no way that Deron Williams would be signing in a different team if Dwight Howard was with PDX and we have the cap space.
  • Worst case scenario: D-Will signs with another team. Then we would trade again Dwight Howard for a player that would be our star will rebuilding. We can start over again next season
  • This is the best chance we got.

Step 2: Draft for someone to score or someone that would help
Two options: Draft#6 with Bradley Beal or Harrison Barnes

Step 3 :
Sign Deron Williams.
Why is this Possible?

Deron would want to be in a contending team for a long time, a team that would be a regular battle for the Western Conference Finals.

Portlands Contracts (according to storyteller and his blog) :

Portland's Total Contract holds : est. $36 Million

Total Estimated Cap Space: $58.044 million - $36 million = $ 22 million

( A bigger cap space for us because we traded away the #11th pick which is approx $2M and dwight howard trade because of the exemptions )
Portland Plus Deron Williams ( est. $ 18 million) would put is at approx. $ 54 million still under the cap by around $ 4 million.

Step 4: $ 4 million Cap Space Sign role players and resign J.J. Hickson and Nicolas Batum

*If Nicolas Batum signs with another team, we could use the cap space at about 3 million to add with the current 4 million to sign a player for the SF postition

Portland Line-up for the upcoming season:

  • PG: Deron William, Nolan Smith
  • SG: Bradley Beal( wishfully), Elliot Williams
  • SF: Nicolas Batum(or other player), Shawne Williams, Luke Babbit
  • PF: J.J. Hickson, Kurt Thomas
  • C: Dwight Howard. Joel Prybilla
  • plus second rounders and some free agents.

*Try thinking of the line-up where there are 3 players with the last name of Williams playing at the same time.


This is like summer of 2010 for Miami.

Only that we get 2 players and still have may assets.

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