Immediate Relevancy from talent standpoint

Portland should draft Damian Lillard hes a self made player who plays with a chip on his shoulder lights out shooter, good to great penetration, capable floater in the lane, can explode to rim after blow by off the dribble, good use of hesitation and crossover dribbles and proficient with both hands dribbling the ball. Ability to split the P&R(Crucial), Good intangibles, hard worker. Will be able to Control/Dictate Tempo, efficient, takes care of ball makes simple play. Capable of 14-17ppg & 6-8asp in rookie year

Delonte West will be able to provide back-up minutes or to take over whenever called upon he is a proven scorer with playoff experience and is a proven scorer. At backup point guard duties could average 10pts and 4apg

Wesley Matthews could be retained but most likely his ceiling is already reached; while he is a staunch defender, 3pt shooter, and fiinisher when assisted his iso game ability is lack luster and therefore i believe a trade for former rookie of the year Tyreke Evans for Wes Matthews and a 2nd Rnd Pick +(CASH or/both Future 1stRndPick(Protected top7)) would Give Portland Backcourt That Could Score

Tyreke is one of the best young scorers in the game and can score on anybody...period ive seen him make the best point guards ankles shatter. Good for 19-21 ppg once he gets in shape used to average 20.5.5 rookie year

If you dont believe me watch this Reke Highlights includes a Brandon Roy qoute on Evans at the 5:43 mark

Nick Young is optional as I am for the maturation of Elliot Williams he is a confident shooting guard who plays with high intensity and imposing athletically on both ends of the floor but as a signing in free agency would be big he would immediately fill in as 6th Man/ISO Option/3ptShooter

Nick Young or Elliot Williams with steady back up minutes could produce 10-14+ pts per game

Bring Over Diebler if Wesley is lost and we do not want to pay for Nick young but still have shooters

Nicolas Batum can now be himself and mature gracefully without being forced to be. He can do what he has been doing which is steadily getting better and adding to his game. Last year he was a better post player, iso player, and passer than in previous years. Steady improvement should continue.

If batum is lost sign CJ Miles who can give comparable numbers and is a good defender, physical, can finish, decent handle, good 3pt shooter

Buying a draft pick to pick up Quincy Miller could very well be the steal of the draft, he had an off year due to coming back from a knee injury and losing some explosion but the 6'10 guard foreward's game bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Kevin Durant and his potential is undeniable the kid can handle and has great footwork in the post once he adds weights can be mixmatch nightmare.

Pick Meyers Leonard to become the Spartan version of Joel pryzbilla

Resign JJ Hickson to backup LL and to play alongside

Sign Jason Thompson as contributor and to provide length



Damian Lillard

(Draft #6)

"Projects to be (MoWilliams&Tony Parker mix)~(Monta Ellis/Stephon Curry) mixture type of player"

Delonte West


FA Pickup(3rdFA Priority)

PrvnGritty Vet Off.Threat


3rd String(Optional)

Johnny Flynn



Tyreke Evans



TRD.Wesley Matthews and 2ndrd Pick + additional cash.

Nick Young(Optional)




Jon Diebler(Optional)

(3pt, pts off screens, DEADshot)

Elliot Williams

Possible 6thMan



Nicolas Batum

Keep Faith Alive but if over $10 million dont match


If Batum is lost:

seek CJ Miles in Free Agency

Very comparable production from the sf position

Quincy Miller

__Buy_1st_Rnd pick___


Luke Babbit

(CMBO Shtr,F.UP)


Lamarcus Aldridge


JJ Hickson(resign1st)


Myers Leanord

Draft #11,AthleticCenter Shot Blocker, good motor, aggressive

I personally think a year being mentored by Joell Pryzbilla and this kid could be DwightHoward light

Jason Thompson


Legit4/5 young athletic, jump shot can bang down low


1. Damian Lillard

2. Tyreke Evans

3. Nicolas Batum

4. Lamarcus Aldridge

5. Jason Thompson

6. Elliot Williams

7. JJ Hickson

8. Delonte West

9. Meyers Leonard

10. CJ Miles

11. Quincy Miller

12.Joel Pryzbilla

13. Nick Young(if possible)

These kind of moves allow the Trailblazers to have the scoring punch to deal with any team as well as defensive chops to clamp down any team and athletic ability to run with any team we could play in the half court with multiple players that can iso as well as create and we have three capable players who can all face up and play with there back to the basket and provide balance to the p&p and p&r game.

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