The biggest team evah!

Twin towers shmin towers. I'm talking about quad towers +1. To heck with LOB city, welcome to SWAT city.

Step1) keep pick #6 and hope for Drummond. If he is not available, reach a little and get Meyers Leonard.

Step2) Operation Perry Jones. I'd give any asset not named LA or Batuum + #11 to get into the 7-8-9 range and ensure that we get him. Or just take PJ at 6 and hope one of the centers is left at 11 if Drummond is off the board.

Step 3) Resign Batuum. (after the signing period starts of course)

PJ3 is the small forward and Nic is the shooting guard. Viola ! Quad towers. Even though Nic isn't technically a tower, I am giving him credit because of his reach and leaping ability.

So now we need a point guard. One thing to keep in mind here is that our new PG wouldn't have to be a great defender. He would employ the old Clide the glide matador defense and simply funnel the oposing PG's into one of our waiting shot blockers. If any one was ever crazy enough to switch on the pick and roll you now have one of the quad towers being guarded by a shrimp. I don't need to tell you what happens from there. At this point you guys can pick any PG you want, but in keeping with the theme I present my most radical concept....

Step 4) Trade picks #40 and #41 for something in the high 20's/low30's and draft Royce White ! Yup I said it. Royce White PGOTF. Biggest team evah! I've been watching the videos and I think he could do it. Especially since a) He will be employing the previously mentioned matador defense, and b) the other team would probably be afraid to come out of the tunnel half the time. (There's 41 wins right there.) For all of you sensible types, I suppose Andre Miller/Steve Nash (dare I say Deron?) would be pretty happy with all of those alley oop targets.

My starting line up....

Royce 6'8"....Nic 6'10"(ish)....PJ3 6'11"...LA 6'11"....Drummond 7'0" RAWR!!! Where you gonna hide your 5'11"-6'2" PG now? I say post him up EVERY time down the floor, that'll slow him down by the time the 4th quarter comes around.

So the real question is what would the blazers have to package with the #11 pick in order to be sure they are in PJ3 territory....and who would your point guard be in this scenario?

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