6/12/12 Draft/Trade Drawer: Lottery Menages a Trois

There has been talk of Portland being the target of discussion because they are one of three NBA teams who hold multiple picks in the first round. 'Tis the Season for Dreams of Lottery Riches, and if there could be a move for Portland to land "The Man" or men who transform a roster in one quick year. It can be done. Nearly half of the players in any First Round and then maybe 5 players from the Second Round each year turn out to be Quality NBA players. Of course, the next level is getting guys who are perennial starters, big impact players and even All-Stars. It is possible that Portland could get THREE legitimate long-term key contributors out of one draft, especially in this 2012 NBA Draft. The depth of talent is there enough that good players will fall because of the smoke screen that other players provide.

In terms of maneuvering to get a specific player, Portland couldn't do any better than to move up to #2 in this draft. AND, I have been reading at a few locations ( and that Charlotte is interested in moving the 2nd as they are looking to gain multiple picks as they have so many needs. These articles spurred me to consider a trade with Charlotte, and the other team that was rumored to be talking with Charlotte, which is Houston who holds the #14 and #16 picks. Here is how the assets sit:

Portland owns picks #6 #11 #40 #41

Charlotte owns picks #2 #31

Houston owns picks #14 #16

In my plan, Portland first trades #40 and #41 for the best possible pick, lets call it #32 from Washington. After the trades go down between these three teams, here is how the trade assets end up:

Portland owns picks #2 and #16

Charlotte owns picks #11 and #14 and #31 and #32

Houston owns picks #6 and cash

Now, I am not certain that Houston would be in, It is probably a good trade for Charlotte and better than any other "strictly picks" trade they could do. Those two picks at the top of the Second Round would be a great luxury! With Houston it really depends on who they are looking to target or who is going to be available at #6 that would be better for them than any #14 or #16 player? Please, blog away...

Would this move make sense for these teams?

Please answer these question:

1.) Who do you pick at #2

2.) Who do you pick at #16

3.) Is this a better outcome than keeping #6, #11, #40 and #41?

Check out the poll....


Would you do this three-way?

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