My Top 16 Big Board:

1. Anthony Davis PF

Projected: All star, franchise cornerstone.
Offer: Lamarcus Aldridge + 6th pick

Fits rebuild window perfectly. Shows better offensive intangibles at a young age than LMA with his handle and passing. You don't trade your all star. Ever. This is the rare exception. Perhaps throwing in a pick gets it done, but likely not. This is why it's better to tank than barely miss the playoffs. 25% chance at this guy is worth it.

2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist SF

Projected: Wing of all trades with great D, intangibles, but lacking in a polished NBA scoring skill set.
Offer: Picks 6+11 or a combination of a pick + Wes Matthews.

This is the player, after Davis, that I would throw the farm at. He's not a scoring champ, but his game will make everyone else better. For me, a player like Iggy is perfect for a market like Portland and MK-G has a very good chance at being that guy. It's impossible for Portland to attract the big name FAs. The next best thing is having a player who makes everyone else's upside a bit higher by virtue of his defense, and excellent all-around game. Think Gerald Wallace with a handle.

3. Thomas Robinson PF

Projected: Stud 16/9 power forward.
Offer: Select at #6 if there.

Lamarcus can coexist with another PF. Better to have two excellent 4s to throw out there than a 4 and a stiff. Could facilitate a Lamarcus for PG trade, but I'd rather keep these two together and watch them score points. Fun.

4. Andre Drummond C

Projected: Project big man with high ceiling and solid presence on the defensive end. Great athletic upside.
Offer: Draft 6th if there. Doubtful that happens though.

Good prospect. Not quite worth multiple picks.

5. Jared Sullinger C

Projected: Solid NBA big man with complementary offensive skills (hits open shot with range and can post up other team's second best post defender consistently). Solid post defense. Medical red flags.

Offer: Select #6 if there.

Fits alongside Lamarcus perfectly. Ideal for quick rebuild. Good value at #6 if health concerns are minor. Disc issues vary greatly, depending on severity of injury. Assume OSU has decent medical facilities and consider reality of player having to manage back condition for career. Not career threatening (Nash, Amar'e), but definitely a consideration.

I recommend: Consider Blazer track record with players with body mechanics issues, fire training staff, hire one with a freaking clue, and draft Sullinger knowing he will get competent management of his back and hip alignment. Otherwise, let the hard working kid go somewhere else.

6. Bradley Beal SG

Projected: Average shooting guard with sweet stroke and potential for play making.
Offer: Select #6 if there or offer Matthews + #11.

7. Harrison Barnes SF

Projected: Good wing with nice stroke and limited play making abilities.
Offer: Select #6 if Sullinger's health history has too many flags.

8. John Henson PF

Projected: Solid big with long, athletic frame, great hands, ability to run and defend pick and roll, but limited offensive skill and size for post D.
Offer: Select #11 if there.

9. Jeremy Lamb SG

Projected: Solid NBA guard with great length and well rounded game.

Offer: Wes Matthews or Select #11 if there.

10. Damian Lillard PG

Projected: Average NBA backup combo guard with great scoring instinct but lacking court vision and passing chops. High ceiling. Likely redundant Jamal Crawford remix.

Offer: Select #11 if there.

11. Terrence Jones SF/PF

Projected: Skilled 7th man with ability to increase productivity of bench and play spot minutes at either forward position.

Offer: Select #11 if there.

12. Tyler Zeller C

Projected: Solid, all-around center with NBA size and skill. Ready to contribute now. Good backup centers always a nice asset in NBA.

13. Kendall Marshall PG

Projected: Below average NBA point guard oozing with winning intangibles but lacking in quicks.

14. Arnett Moultrie PF

Projected: Solid NBA big man with 12/7 potential.

15. Meyers Leonard C

Projected: Center project with weak defense skill set.

16. Austin Rivers SG

Projected: Chucker with ability to sell t-shirts, shoot team in and out of games, but hit the occasional, ankle-busting, ESPN highlight game winner. Do what he may never do in the pros: pass.

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