Through Free Agency/Draft or via Trade?

First off, I apologize for the multiple scenario posts. This is a huge part of why I'm a sports fan, as the building of a team really gets me going. With that said, here are my final two best guesses for how this off season/next season play out. One is building primarily through the draft with a heavy dose of free agency. The other is primarily via trades.

Draft/Free Agency:

The Blazers end up getting the 6th and the 11th picks in the draft, and keep both of them. With the 6th pick they take Harrison Barnes, and with the 11th pick they take either Jeremy Lamb or Austin Rivers (whichever one is still available). They then trade W. Matthews and one of their second rounders to the Cavs for the 24th pick. With that pick they take Andrew Nicholson (think David West). This trade saves them a bunch of money, because they can let Hickson walk, and Matthews comes off the books. With your remaining second rounder, you take a project big man like Henry Sims out of Georgetown (don't bet against Georgetown big men!)

If I've done my math right (a big if...), they should have about 25 million to spend in free agency, after the Matthews trade, letting Hickson go, and bringing Freeland over (which it sounds like is part of the plan). With that money you get Dragic and make a hard push for Hibbert. Depending on what it takes to get both of them, you may even have enough left over to bring Andre back on a one year deal to be your back up. After all of that, you re-sign Batum.

Opening Day Lineup-



The other option is via trade, with a little bit of free agency thrown in. Buchanan has been clear that we need a point guard and a center, and the pick(s) are for sale. I think they're done being burned by PG's in the draft, and are looking to solve this through free agency. My gut says it will be Dragic. For the center, there is a team down I84 that has a plethora of big men, and one that just so happens to be on an expiring contract...Al Jefferson. So, you send Wesley Matthews, #11, and Shawne Williams to the Jazz, for Al Jefferson, Alec Burks, and the #47 pick. In this scenario the Nets end up in the top three, but you still have their top-2 protected for 2013 in your back pocket. And, you end up using two of your seconds to trade back up into the first with the Heat, and with that pick you take Kevin Murphy (a prolific scorer out of Tennessee Tech). With your remaining second rounder you take Jae Crowder, a do-everything hustler out of Marquette.

You should have enough money left over in free agency to go get some bench help in the name of Antawn Jamison, who you sign to a Jamal Crawford like deal, Janerro Pargo to play backup PG, and Przybilla to the vets minimum. After all of that you re-sign Batum.

Opening Day Starting Lineup-

K. Murphy/E.Williams/ A.Burks (or however the pecking order sorts itself out during training camp)

At the deadline you send Jefferson, Burks, and the Nets pick to OKC for Ibaka and Sefolosha in a sign and trade deal. Remember the Nets got a top-3 pick in this scenario, so they have a better shot at re-signing Williams. Making that pick possibly more of a 10-15 range pick.

Post trade deadline roster-


That lineup looks very 2004 Detroit Pistons...

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