Top 5 targets this off-season

Considering the fact their are about 500 posts about trades/the draft/free agency, I figured I would add one more.

In your own opinion, realistically speaking. Who do you want to see in a Blazers uniform next season? 5 players, in order from first to last. Realistically speaking though, lets not throw out the Dwills and the Howards.

Show initiative as to how you see the blazers getting these players. Or you can even go the route of which player you want out of the draft. Here is my list.

1. Rajon Rondo - The guy is a play maker, plain and simple, I know he needs good players/shooters for him to be successful (but maybe he doesn't?) but we can answer that in free agency/trades. Maybe package deal of both drafts picks and Matthews along with cash MIGHT make Boston take a glance (as I said might)

2. Tyreke Evans - Hes on the trading block is what I hear. Yeah, he didn't have that great of a season, but his game slashing to the rim reminds me a lot of Broy, please don't bash me for saying that. He needs to work on his shot, but any rookie of the year obviously has some immense talent.

3. Brook Lopez - Everyone knows the guy can play, if DWill plans to leave Brooklyn bet me Lopez will want none of it. I would love to see the Blazers do some work to get him here. Could have one of the best front lines in the Nba of Aldridge and Lopez. I would normally take Hibbert in this one, but I don't see Indiana giving him up.

4. Aaron Brooks - If the Rondo ordeal fails, I would like to see Brooks in Portland. Yes hes small, no he doesn't play much defense. All I can remember is the guy can SHOOT. Playoffs vs the Blazers he destroyed us with the 3 ball. Would be nice to finally have someone who can shoot and is not over weight.

5. Shannon Brown - I went a little under the radar with this one. Hes an unrestricted free agent, and if we send Matthews in a deal we'll need another SG who can play. Yes we have EWill and I can't wait to see him play. Brown may be a past Laker. But he would be a solid pick up.

Honorable Mention - Jeff Teague, Eric Gordon, Spencer Hawes, Omer Asik.

What's your list?

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