Brooks Vs Drag-ic

Firstly I like to say that many opinions have been flying around about this subject and many have said that Dragic is better then Brooks. I'd like to ask fans one question before I get to my comparison of Brooks and Dragic. When was the last time you actually saw Brooks play? Ok, now that I got that out of the way let's get to it. I'll start with Dragic who has been in the NBA for 4 years now and has played in the ABA/Euro-League also. Since Brooks has played in the CBA I am only going to use Dragic' last year in the ABA/Euro-League for the comparison to Brooks' CBA year. Let's get started.

Dragic played a total of 41 games in the ABA/Euro-league where he averaged 11.2 points per, 3.1 assists per, 3.3 rebounds per, 1.5 steals per, 3 fouls per, and 2.3 turnovers per game. His percentages on his shots were okay but, not great shooting 40% from 3 and you may look at that and be wow thats good but keep in mind his last 13 games he played he only made 9 of 33 shots outside the arc for a whopping 28% shooting. His field goal percentage is high at 66% in 41 games. This is because he only took more then 7 attempts 1 game and that game he went 5-9. He only shot 72% from the line. He did all this in about 28 minutes of play.

Drafted by the Spurs in the following NBA draft. He was traded to the Phoenix Suns along with Dejuan Blair for Malik Hairston and a 2nd round pick in which he never saw the court in a San Antonio uniform. His rookie season his stats went way down playing sub-par basketball in the NBA. He played 55 games and only started 1 of those. In his first year in the NBA playing as Steve Nash' backup he averaged 4.5 points per, 2 assists per, 1.9 rebounds per, .5 steals per, 1.6 fouls, and 1.3 turnovers per game. His percentages went way down from what they where in the ABA/Euro-league shooting 37% from beyond the arc, 39% from inside the arc, and only 76% from the strike. He did all of this in 13 minutes and 20 seconds per game.

In his sophmore season he played in 80 games in which he started only 2 of course keep in mind he backed up Steve Nash. Dragic had gotten more minutes this year then he did his rookie year as well, and with those newly aquired minutes he didn't do to much better then the previous season with averages of 7.9 points per, 3 assists per, 2.2 rebounds per, .6 steals per, 1.6 fouls per, and 1.6 turnovers per game. His shooting percentages had gone up as expected with the extra minutes he was recieving, shooting 39% from beyond the arc, 45% inside the arc, and his free throw shooting went down where he shot 73% from the strike. He did all this in 18 minutes flat.

In his 3rd year in the NBA Dragic was traded from Phoenix to Houston along with a protected first round pick for Aaron Brooks. Since he was traded during the season I have added and divided his totals from both teams to get his true season statistics for this year. With the readjusted calculations for the season Dragic finished the 2010-2011 season averaging 7.5 points per, 2.9 assists per, 2.03 rebounds per, .7 steals per, 1.8 fouls per, and 1.7 turnovers. His shooting percentages for this year fared better when he was playing in Houston for 22 games then he did in Phoenix for 48 games. His combined totals for shooting outside the arc happend to be the worst of his career shooting 36% beyond the arc, 43% inside the arc, and also his free throw percentage went way down from his career average to a measly 62% from the strike. He did all this in 17 minuts and 30 seconds per game.

Now we are at the most recent year where everyone is on the Drag-ic band wagon thinking that he's having a breakout year and compared to what he has done in the past I can see why you think that. Take in that it was only a 66 game season so he did well right. It also can be a fluke like many of you have said about Aaron Brooks getting most improved player of the year when he got his first starting position. This is the first year he has more shots taken then any of the rest, it is also the year his free throw percentage is up and his 3 point percentage continues to slide as this was the worst of his career. Dragic had gotten more minutes this year then any year previous to it, with the exception of the ABA/Euro-League of course. He averaged 11.7 points per, 5.3 assists per, 2.5 rebounds per, 1.3 steals per, 2.5 fouls per, and 2.4 turnovers per game. As I was saying his percentages had gone up for this year with the exception of the 3 ball of course shooting only 33% from beyond the arc (the worst of his career), 46% inside the arc, and 80% from the strike (his career best). He did all of this in 26 minutes and 30 seconds.

Now that I have basically written all the stats for Dragic' career in the past 5 years I turn my attention to the guy I feel is best for the job of starting point guard Aaron Brooks. Granted many of you may not like him for simple reasons such as, (He was one of the reasons Houston knocked us out of the "PLAYOFFS".) or (He's a "DUCK" and I'm either a "Beaver" or "Huskie".). Get over it, you really think that someone should not try in a playoff game I mean it wasn't his fault he was drafted by Houston 2 spots ahead of us. It may have been his decision to go to UofO but for all you Beaver and Huskie fans out there, he may be a Duck at heart, but right now he is a NBA point guard. Just because B-Roy was a Dawg doesn't mean the Duck fans hated him. (Forgive and Forget) whats in the past is the past and the future is the future, if there was a guy that could help your team more so then any other you would want that guy right?. I believe Brooks is the kind of guy we need. It is hard to see what he can do with a big man cause simply put he hasn't really played with anyone taller the Luis Scola. Well, anyone that is good at least. I'd like to see what he could do with a guy such as LMA's height. (Malone Stockton anyone?). Okay enough of the rant about how Brooks is awesome, I could do that all day, let's get started then.

Aaron Brooks was drafted by the Houston Rockets with the 26th overall pick, just 2 picks ahead of Portland who was sitting at 28. He played 51 games his rookie year and did not start one, sitting behind Raefer Alston, and splitting minutes with Kyle Lowrey. In the 51 games he played he averaged 5.2 points per, 1.7 assists per, 1.1 rebounds per, .3 steals per, 1.4 fouls per, and .9 turnovers per game. His shooting percentages weren't the best as expected of most rookies, shooting 33% from behind the arc, 41% inside the arc, and 85% from the strike. He did all of this in 11 minutes and 54 seconds per game.

His sophmore year he got way more minutes and his play improved with the added time just like it did with Drag-ic. Brooks played in 80 games and started 35 of them. He averaged 11.2 points per, 3 assists per, 2 rebounds per, .6 steals per, 1.9 fouls per, and 1.6 turnovers per game. His outside shooting increased from the previous year to shooting 36% from beyond the arc, 40% inside the arc, and 86% from the strike. He did all of this in 25 minutes flat.

His 3rd season was the best in the NBA, so far every season he had shown growth, but this year was the year he shined. Winning the MIP award Aaron Brooks quickly grabbed the reigns to the starting job and didn't let go. starting in all 82 games that he played in he averaged 19.6 points per, 5.3 assists per, 2.7 rebounds per, .8 steals per, 2.4 fouls per, and 2.8 turnovers per game. He shot 39% from beyond the arc, 43% inside the arc, and 82% from the strike. He did all of this in 35 minutes 36 seconds. In his best season since being drafted he was awarded the Most Improved Player award, many of which have said is a fluke. I beg to differ on this because if you notice the play of each year has increased to the level of minutes he was receiving.

The year before the lock out was not a good year, just like his junior year in college he had some bad luck with an injury. He had a fued with his coach and with that being said he lost minutes and eventually was traded to Phoenix for Goran Drag-ic and a protected first round pick. He played in a combined total of 59 games and started only 12, 7 with Houston and 5 with Phoenix. This was a down year for him with averages of 10.7 points per, 3.9 assists per, 1.3 rebounds per,.6 steals per, 1.9 fouls per, and 1.7 turnovers per game. Keep in mind that for this year I have readjusted all his totals just like I did with Dragic to make things fair and accurate. His shooting percentages looked as if they where in the grasp of grim himself dropping down to 30% from behind the arc, 37% inside the arc, and 89% from the strike. He did all this in 21 minutes and 24 seconds. I believe this to be the fluke year simply because every year before this he had improved, and like college the year he got hurt was his down year.

This year he decided to go play over seas in the CBA do to the lock out. He played 41 games and made it to the CBA finals. He had a great year there with an average of 22.3 points per, 4.8 assists per, 3.5 rebounds per, 1.9 steals per, 3 fouls per, and 3.2 turnovers per game. His shooting percentages look like lightening struck them shooting 40% from beyond the arc, 55% inside the arc, and 83% from the strike. He did all of this in 29 minuts and 54 seconds per game.

As it shows Dragic is a very consistant player but his consistancy is low numbers. Brooks is also consistant, but more so then Drag-ic in the way his numbers keep going up with the exception of the year he was traded and injured. I honestly don't know how Dragic is better then Brooks in any way. Dragic maintained a consistant low points and with one year in Houston he has became a guy that is OMG legit to most people. In my opinion he is a back up not a starter I'm sorry if I offend anyone with this next comment but one year of 11 points per game doesn't make you a starting point guard in this league especially if the years before show a consistancy to around 7 points per. As where Brooks has improved in almost each year Drag-ic continues to just be a consistant low scoring kind of player. In my opinion I feel the reason he has done better this year then any other year because of the amount of playing time he was getting and the fact Houston doesn't have a go to guy when things get rough so it's open for anyone to try and take that position.

I want to see alot of comments on this as for me I will not comment, I want full opinions on the subject of Brooks vs Dragic and I also will leave you with the question of this (What makes Dragic better then Brooks?) that is not retoricle that is something I would like to see answered in the Dragic fans comments. Everytime I ask no one answers because I say things to back up what I believe and that is in Brooks. I can see him as a good back up behind Brooks but not as a starter. His production is just not there to be a starter in my eyes.

Thanks for the time you spent reading this and have a Great Day.

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