Off season ideas

I have been looking at the draft prospects and free agents for a long time now, pretty much sense LA went down and we decided to gear for next season.

They way i'm looking at it is this realistically the nets pick should fall from 5 to 7 and our pick i'm thinking 10 to 13 that is if the draft goes somewhat according to plan but we never really know. if this falls into place then there are alot of routes we should go but judging by the free agents available this is a list of the players i think we should take with our first 2 round pick.

1st pick 5-7

My ideal pick would be bradly beal. 6'5 185lb SG from florida. he is a very impressive shooter and just all around offensive power house threat not to mention he is pretty good on the defensive end. if you take a look at the NBA champions over the last 20 years every team have had a great if not elite or all star scoring 2 guard. Having someone like this or if we can land eric gordon in the offseason whi i think is beal's closest nba match would really send us in the right direction.

Knowing beal most likely wont fall to us I see us taking one of the jones. now alot of people really are not liking the idea of Perry Jones III because he has "no motor" but all the talent in the world. He has been playing out of position just like paul george did in college. he IS NOT a power forward and should not be forced to play there. he is a 6'11 SG/SF and when teams see that and play him there everyone will be very surprised at his productivity/ all star potential. Terrance jones is a home town hero who i would love to bring home, he plays way bigger than he is and reminds me alot of lamar odom and you all know how pivitol he was in the lakers championships.

Lastly i wouldnt mind Harrison Barns ether, he is pure scorer and has all the room in the world to improve his jumper but he is one of the best slashers in the class, and not to mention he has a very high basketball IQ. i can see him making the move to the 2 with some adjustments.

2nd pick 10-13

Depending on who we get with the first pick if its anyone but beal i really like Terrance Ross out of washington. he has size shooting ability and strength. He flew under the radar and could be a steal at this pick. he has everything we need in a SG and he could come in and play a role right away.

I really like kendell Marshall to he is a true point who could blossom into a great point guard! he has some work to do on the jumper to really get to elite level but that can come with time. finally everyone is all over Austin Rivers because of his star potential but to me he is undersized and has a very itchy trigger when it comes to shooting but the one thing he does have that alot of the prospects don't have is that "it" factor, when the game is on the line he wants the ball he wants the pressure on his shoulders and that is the thing that set Kobe and Micheal apart from all the other great players of there time, thats why i would take the risk here.


Really this depends on the draft but my main targets after making sure we keep Batum are:

PG: Nash- i say a 2 year contract with a 3rd year team option at 8 to 9 million per season. my reasoning? Nash has 2 good years left in him, he is a small market guy who would be on a new team with 1 arguably 2 all stars, not to mention he and LA will make the best pick and roll in the NBA. and with us getting a young point or having nolan smith sitting behind and learning from one of if not the best passing point of our era it would do wonders from them, look what he did for Dragic!

Which is my next choice i would love to have Dragic, he is an up and comer and has learned well from the Canadian wizard but we could get him cheaper i think like 3 years at 6 to 7 per season.

I would love Williams but lets be realistic.

SG: Eric Gordon... need i say more? he has had some injury problems the last year but when he did play he was amazingly productive!

O.J Mayo- score extraordinaire and a great shooting guard just waiting to be let loose and start.


we don't have to many options in this department that are not restricted and the only one that is not restricted that i think fits is Chris Kaman, and after a down season we could get him for some what of a bargin i think at like 8 to 10 million.

the restricted that i think we should try and get are Hibbert and Lopez but i think it will take a sign and trade or a huge front loaded contract to pry one of them away from there teams.

once again we need to see how the draft goes but i feel like we have so much potential this off season to make the blazers team a champion ship contender in the west for years to come as the formor champions age and the younger teams begin to thrive.

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