You're The GM. Whats your move?

Want to see who would go what direction with the team going forward. We don't have any control over it, but it is fun to talk about. I'll lay out a few options...


Option 1 – Trade: Rajon Rondo. Trade our 2 lottery picks to Boston in return for Rondo. Due to Rondo & Aldridge having bargains for contracts, we would be able to spend our money a lot more diligently than the big 3 of Miami.

Option 2 – Free Agency: Goran Dragic. My second favorite PG option. Use our considerable free cap space to sign him during the upcoming free agent period. His years spent be mentored by Steve Nash are now starting to really show on the court. Very cerebral player who deserves a chance to be a starting in the NBA. Looked downright dominant after Lowry went down & got starter minutes.

Option 3 – The Draft: The draft. Kendall Marshall & Scott Machado are the more true-PG prospects. Casper Ware from Long Beach State can fill it up, like an Aaron Brooks.


Option 1 – Trade: Andre Iguodala. Though he is listed at the 3 & he is more then capable of playing it, his size is ideal for the SG spot. All around player & excellent defender. Would likely require our lotto picks like Rondo. Though I would like to see the Blazers front office try a sign & trade of Batum to Philly.

Option 2 – Free Agency: Eric Gordon or OJ Mayo(ew). Same theory as Dragic, just spending the money on a different position. I would prefer Goran.

Option 3 – The Draft: The draft. Bradley Beal or Austin Rivers if you are looking for an on-ball guard. Rivers has scary potential.Terrence Ross or Jeremy Lamb if your looking for a guard who plays without the ball more often then not. Ross's style of play reminds me of Ray Allen. Lamb played with the ball more this season after UCONN lost Kemba Walker, he looked much more comfortable last season. In the 2nd round, Jared Cunningham has Tony Allen like defensive potential.

Small Forward:

Option 1 – Trade: Danny Granger. Same theory applies as the other option 1’s.

Option 2 – Free Agency: Nicolas Batum. We will be able to add either Gordon or Dragic, in addition to Batum due to the Bird rights allowing us to go over-the-cap to resign him. Whether or not we should keep him & how much cash he is worth has been discussed thousands of times. Sign & trade a possibility.

Option 3 – The Draft: Terrence Jones has the ability to defend NBA 3’s at 6’9" 240lbs. He also is solid at the 4. I call him a mismatch rather than a tweener. While you didn’t see it much at Kentucky, in high school he displayed the ability to make plays for others & has legitimate court vision. Portland born, would be nice to see a hometown kid be a part of the rebuild. Has LaMar Odom/Josh Smith type of upside. There is also the more traditional route where you could take Harrison Barnes or Jeff Taylor who bring a lot of the same things that Batum does, including the same flaws of court vision & creating for others. Draymond Green brings an interesting skill set.

Power Forward:

Option 1 – Trade: Josh Smith. Can play the 3 more consistently now that he has thinned down. Tremendous defender, & a surprisingly good passer for his size. Entertaining as it gets when it comes to being a high flyer.

Option 2 – Free Agency: Ersan Ilyasova, Ryan Anderson & Michael Beasley are available in free agency. I would rather have Ilyasova because he is a much better defender than Anderson & brings a lot of the same on offense. B-Eazy would be interesting to say the least. If he is past his maturity issues he could be a steal.

Option 3 – The Draft: Jared Sullinger will likely be around if we end up keeping the Nets pick. He reminds me a lot of Kevin Love coming out of UCLA to be honest. Has the size to play some center next to Aldridge. Perry Jones has some scary upside but I don’t think we have the veteran presence & great coaching staff that will be needed to coax it out of him. John Henson reminded me of Bill Russell with his post presence on several occasisions, only problem is his slight frame. Kevin Jones in the 2nd round should make a solid pro.


Option 1 – Trade: Marcin Gortat. Suns might be willing to move him if we offer them draftpick(s?). At 28 if the Suns are going for the full rebuild & Nash is leaving, he may not fit into long term plans as well as young high potential players on rookie deals. Has an extremely cap friendly deal. Beyond him, there is Anderson Varejao who is a big risk. Samuel Dalembert is still a solid presence at the 5.

Option 2 – Free Agency: No one wants to lose their center to free agency. It derailed the Magic once with Shaq & damn near happened again(still might in 2013) with Howard. Javale McGee, Chris Kaman, Spencer Hawes, are some of the better names. Young guys who still have potential like Omer Asik, Semih Erden & Robin Lopez are available too.

Option 3 – The Draft: Andre Drummond would be ideal if he dropped to the Nets pick. Brings the best long term chance of being a great team with the most upside in the draft. Meyers Leonard from Illinois finished the season very strong & looks to have a bright NBA future, could be had with our own pick likely at 11. Some steals in the 2nd round should be available in Kyle O’Quinn, Cameron Moore & Bernard James.

Thats not to mention coaching/medical/scouting staff, who the next GM will likely want to bring in his own group.

Where would you go with the team?

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