Drummond, Lamb, Machado

It's almost that time where the balls are dropped and the briefcases open the NBA LOTTERY is just around the corner here's to hoping it all pans out in the Blazers favor.

with the 6th pick in the draft I seriously hope Drummond is there he is big, he is athletic, he is explosive, he can rebound, he can score, he can play defense, and he is the fastest guy on the U-Conn team. The one risk factor that I feel is in everyones minds is that 1 he has questionable motivation issues and 2 we simply have bad luck when it comes to drafting centers. These are risks that I am willing to take, don't you think that it's about time for us to get lucky with a center in the draft and if 5 other teams pass up on him it's a no brainer...TAKE DRUMMOND. The basketball gods will look upon him and give him the gift of a ALL-STAR type career. Alongside Aldridge this kids game will only shine and improve because I believe he will have that drive to get better. He will also become a instant threat for our team by being able to rebound on both ends of the court.

Now with our 11th pick I think we should trade up to 7 by pairing it with Wesley Matthews. Matthews is good but he no longer fits with our team and honestly I feel he never really did. Golden State just might bite because they would still be getting a lottery pick and also a shooting guard that they despratly need. Keep in mind by this time Davis will have gone to Charlotte, T-Rob will have gone to Washington, Beal will be taken by Cleveland to be paired with R.O.Y. Kyrie Irving, Kidd-Gilchrist will have dropped to 4 in which New Orleans will gobble him up, and Barnes will be taken by Sacramento at 5, they already have Cousins and Hayes, and won't be willing to take the risk on Drummond who falls to us at 6.

With the 7th pick we should take Jeremy Lamb. In my mind he is the same style of player as Roy was just not fully developed. Most of us fans already want to bring Roy in as a player developement coach anyway. Lamb would flourish with his abilities if Roy is more then just a mentor to him. He has a wingspan of 7'!", that would give us 6 players with a wingspan of 7'+ (Aldridge, Drummond, Batum, Lamb, Hickson, and Przybilla). Lamb will be able to learn how to use his wingspan playing alongside Batum, he will be able to utalize his outside shot to open up the inside and if Roy is a players coach I don't see why he wouldn't be able to develop a slashing to the hoop style of game to go along with what I feel will be one of the most clutch jump shots that the league has seen in years.

Our next 2 picks come in the second round this is another trade scenario that I would like to see is packaging both of those picks with "The Rhino" to move up into the late first round and with that being said I would take Scott Machado. I know I may sound crazy but the guy is legit leading the NCAA in assists back to back years, he will be a beast. I only saw one of his games last year (BYU) I was astonished by his play. He will be a star point guard if not better in this league. He reminds me of a better Westbrook type player. Yell at me if you want thats just my opinion.

With these 3 players we will fill up 3 different needs through the draft and if it all pans out the way I think it will we will be legit contenders next year. My prediction for next year is that we will draft these 3 players and win our division with the 3rd best record in the NBA only behind OKC and Miami in that order. Granted we will still have to do some work in F/A like resign Batum, Hickson, and Przybilla.

In this situation I think it would be smarter to bring in Brooks cause he can either start and Machado can come off the bench or he can be the sixth man that many of you think he will be. I would also go after Roy Hibbert to a contract that lasts just as long as Drummonds and keep whoever is better. (Protection from the bust.) I would also try and get Rudy Gay or sign O.J. Mayo.

The team would look a little something like this:

First Unit: Roy Hibbert, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, Jeremey Lamb, Aaron Brooks

Second Unit: Andre Drummond, J.J. Hickson, Rudy Gay/Luke Babbit, O.J. Mayo/Elliot Williams, Scott Machado

Third Unit: Joel Przybilla, Kurt Thomas Keep in mind the Mayo/Gay scenario is one or the other not both.

What do you think we should do with all our draft picks and cap space?

As always GO BLAZERS and Thank You for reading. Have a GREAT DAY.

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