View from Pounding the Rock

I know SOME of you don't appreciate hearing the perspective of fans from other places commenting on our Blazers (you know who you are!), but personally, I find it fascinating how people who cheer for other teams see our little burg and Blazers.

Here's a post I sent to the Spurs fan forum, Pounding the Rock, and the first response may have nailed our situation on the head-or did it? What do YOU think?

Blazer fan here-I come in peace!

Nice going in the playoffs so far. All we Blazer fans can do is watch in envy. From what I can tell from the posts on Blazersedge, the Spurs are the team most of us are pulling for. So, GO SPURS!

Speaking of envy, as you may know, our franchise is in a bit of a funk right now. Rumors (denied by the owner) that the team is for sale. No GM for a year now. The last two GMs fired in a shameful manner. No head coach now, either, since Nate was canned. Oh yeah, then there's the loss of Roy and Oden. On the bright side, everything else is just peachy up here...

Here's my questions for you all: what do you think of Nic Batum? Rumors have it that the Spurs are hot after this guy. He's got a very sweet offensive game, is athletic as the day is long, but he's something of a defensive liability, lacks a killer instinct, and tends not to show up for every play. He just sorts of floats around the court on some days like he's in a day dream. People around here defend him by saying that the Blazers don't have the right "system" for him, or lack complimentary players.

Faling to sign him this past season could turn out to be a a big problem for the Blazers if another team comes in and offers stupid money for him. He's obviously one of our few decent trade pieces, and we've got holes all over the line up, especially at the 1 and 5.

So, any thoughts you'd be willing to share about how Batum is viewed down your way would be much appreciated. Also, if you'd be willing to lend us Pops for a season or two that would be very kind of you 8>)!

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You might know that the Spurs had intended to draft Batum, but one of your now-fired GMs, Pritchard, took some ‘corporate knowledge’ with him from his San Antonio days and grabbed him ahead of us. I still haven’t quite forgiven Kevin for that. :)

I don’t believe that the Spurs are going to throw crazy money at Batum, or anyone else right now. The primary focus after the end of the season is Tim Duncan… does he want to continue playing? More importantly, does he want to play for the Spurs, and how much will it take to keep him in the Silver and Black? What is fair for both parties? Those decision affect how much money will available.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Batum play and would love to have him playing for San Antonio… on his rookie contract. I suspect that he’ll get a nice payday as a free agent, but not from the Spurs.

And… the Spurs have a lot of good wing players of their own. Last year, when finding a backup for RJ was an issue, might have been a good time for the Blazers to get max value for Batum from the Spurs. Now, not so much.

As for Pop in Portland… no way! But that misses the point… even if you transplanted the entire Spurs front-office and coaching staff to the Rose City, they might not have the same level of success there, because it starts with the trust and support of the owner. It is evident that that is a key factor that is missing in Portland (all the turnover in the organization), and until that is addressed, all the great players and lottery picks that you have will be wasted imho. It’s really a shame, because several years ago the Blazers were the team (on paper) that I figured would be doing what the Thunder are doing now… emerging into true contender status.

They're not your pop's Spurs... they're Pop's Spurs 2.0!!!

Mike Monroe: ...the uninformed presume Parker is expendable.

by freshtunarightofftheboat on May 14, 2012 1:39 PM CDT reply

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