Eric Gordon, Goran Dragic and The Draft

First post here but I've been reading a lot about what people think would be best for free agency/draft and thought I'd chime in.

*edited for justice*
Just to get this out of the way first; Steve Nash is old and I really doubt we can lure Deron "De-ron" William.

The Blazers have been suffering from a weak back court and lack of shot creators since well... forever. When Brandon Roy was tearing up the league we had Blake as our PG, and when Roy started to fall apart Andre was serviceable enough but we never had a strong one two punch. I like Wesley Matthews, I even like Raymond Felton... sometimes... but that duo won't get us anywhere farther than we already are. There's obviously front court needs as well and I'll get to those.

1) Eric Gordon

I know he's had some troubling injury history that would make any blazer fan scared to sign him but this does help put his value at a more reasonable level for a signing and limit some of his potential suitors. The guy has superstar potential, he's basically a young Dwayne wade, super athletic two guard that can finish at the rim with authority and has superb handles and body control. All reports are he's recovering exceptionally well from his knee injury, so I say pull the trigger. We'd probably have to overpay to get him, and there's some risk involved but I don't care.

Eric Gordon Mix [Underrated] (via fallaflynch)

2) Goran Dragic

Our best friend Raymond has probably bought himself a one way ticket out of town at the end of the season and our backup point guards are questionable even in a backup or 3rd string role. Goran is just itching to break out and have his own team to run. He's got a similar game to Jeremy Lin but with better shot selection and fewer turn overs. Nothing too flashy, strong, smart, efficient point guard. He can dunk too which is a plus.

Goran Dragic Highlights (via DC4judicial)

3) The Draft

I know I'll take some flak for this but I'll just say it. Nicolas Batum has been underwhelming all season and this was his chance to step up. He hasn't done anything for us in the playoffs either. Let someone else over-pay him and draft Harrison Barnes. I know a lot of people are down on him for his tournament performance but the guy is a complete stud. Also if Andre Drummond is available with our NJ pick I think we have to pull the trigger on him, which might make me more agreeable to resigning Batum.

Harrison Barnes:

Harrison Barnes Already A Legit Pro? UNC Freshman Showing Out At NC Pro-Am. (via Hoopmixtape)

Andre Drummond:

Andre Drummond Official Mixtape Vol. 4 UCONN (via Crusader22Prd)

I know I didn't cover everything but let me know what you guys think. Go Blazers :)

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