Blazer Offseason - 12 Step Rehab Program (Sober Version)

Ok, you Blazer fans, if you guys really think we have a chance to get Deron Williams with the current roster, you guys are on mad shrooms. This guy is not going to settle for rain everyday Portland, with the mediocre at best roster. If you think he is going to want his running mates to be Joel Przbilla and Wesley Mathews, then you are high. If you listen up, this is how you get him.

CAP SPACE (assuming Crawford Opts out): 27.0 MILLION

• Go ahead and resign Batum for lets say 9 Million. He is are 3 going forward, not many other options in the league for us at that position. He has obviously shown that he is a awesome player moving forward. I would say the only thing that is holding him back as of right now is himself and an actual floor general.


Andre Drummond Official Mixtape Vol. 4 UCONN (via Crusader22Prd)

• DRAFT NIGHT: Lets say we don't fall high enough in the draft to aquire Andre Drummound ( DWIGHT 2.0?). Which is most likely exspected. PERFECT! Thats our key to success right there. It gives us a reason to trade up in the draft by trading Wesley Mathews, New Jerseys pick and a second round pick, in so that will drop that ugly contract from Wesley. And with the the our next Lottery pick it will be Austin Rivers, he will be our go to 6th man off the bench. Austin Rivers is designed for a 6th man type of role.That gives us more salary cap for the golden plan. We will worry about the 2 guard spot in a bit. O yea buys the way we will get the buy out with Shawne Williams.

CAP SPACE: 21.0 MILLION ( approximately)

Lets take a look at our starters so far... 1) ? 2)? 3)Batum 4) LA 5) Drummond

Ray Allen is wanting a place to finish his career. Portland is a perfect place for a vetran, for example, Gerald Wallace, Andre Miller, Marcus Camby loved Portland. It is a chill place. With knowing the future endeavors of Deron Williams, He will DEFINITELY take a 14 MILLION 2yr contract. He would be loved here in Rip City and he knows it.


• Deron Williams knowing these circumstances he is going to be in Rip City. He would have no problem taking 14 MILLION a year.

• Then we fill up the roster with the young talent that is already here in Portland. Sign minimum big guy. What ever else floats the front office boat.

Staring 5

1) WIlliams/Rivers/Smith

2) Allen) Williams/Rivers

3) Batum/Babbit/FA?


5) Drummond/ FA?/Thomas

This starting 5 with the prolific scoring 6th man in Austin Rivers, this is definitely a championship caliber team that is built for now and the future.

By the way this is a realistic way to get us to the promise land.. I have no clue why the guy got so many recs on that trashy post. that made me laugh.

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