Trading Picks for Players.

If the blazers are going to decide to trade picks for players, who are some that they should target?

Who's going to be in the market for a trade?

My thoughts are:

1) Look to Philly - The 76ers are gonna have to make a choice this off-season, unless they overachieve this playoffs, they could put Iggy on the block... i would think, to free up cap and let the young players on the team grow, as the teams fate isn't exactly tied to Andre Iguodala anymore. Namely Evan Turner.



2) Smith and the Hawks - Is Josh Smith really going to be traded this off-season by the hawks?.... if so, how much does it take to get him?.... Smith has grown-up into one of the better, and more versatile players in the league... even though we have Batum and Aldridge most likely manning the 3 and 4.. i would think it would be VERY tempting to get a player who rebounds plays defense both in the post and on the perimeter, and even has a jumper.

The main problem with Smith would be what to do with Batum, starting him at the 2 would be okay... but only if the blazers are able to pick up a player like Nash or Williams.... someone so good at setting teammates up that your 2 doesn't need to create his own shot much



3) Rondo - we've beat this one over the head... but i'm not sure i'm totally sold on acquiring Rondo.... well i'd be fine with it, if Batum isn't involved.... Rajon Rondo and Aldridge together do not turn the blazers into contenders... there is still far too little offense on this team with that combo...

i would say Pierce, Garnett, and Allen > Matthews, Aldridge, and ? (Babbitt?)

and Boston isn't going anywhere, so I'm concerned that picking up rondo at a steep price... would probably cripple the blazers. especially with having no picks in upcoming years... are we really supposed to rely on Babbitt and E. Williams developing into championship caliber contributors..

If they include Jeff Green in the deal... it would be alot more comforting, as someone to replace Batum Assuming his Heart is ok.



4) Steph Curry - I know the warriors want to build around him, and i know he has ankle problems.... but would the 2 blazer picks be enough to entice them away from him... especially considering the plethora of size in this draft... something the Warriors severely lack....

Why would the Blazers think about trading for Stephen Curry? because he's a good player who PERFECTLY compliments LMA on offense... and though he's a bad defender, he's still on his rookie contract, leaving the Blazers plenty of room to remain extremely active in FA...



5) Al Jefferson - Well the Jazz have waaaayyyy too many players in their front court, and to be honest, someones going to have to go... Jefferson's not the greatest defender in the world, but he's not bad either... and he's got ALOT of skill on offense... Enis Kanter would also be a good player to think of targeting, if the Jazz are willing to part with him... kind of a big if though.....

The Blazers might wanna think about someone other the Jefferson... but if the price isn't too steep, it would be worth it to look at him...



Just a look at good players who could be on the block this summer.....

Any other thoughts out there... players to target?

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