Draft-Day Trade Drawer

I still enjoy watching the Blazers, especially the young players, but it is harder to watch when I am not sure whether to cheer for a win or a loss.

That said, like many of us I am now looking forward to the draft lottery and especially draft night. I am excited to talk about prospects we could potentially draft. Right now though, I am interested to see if you guys have thoughts on potential draft day deals.

Here are a couple possibilities:

1. Trade for Rondo

Rondo always seems to be in trade reports. If Boston really doesn't want him as part of their rebuild, then cap-space and draft picks would be enticing. Maybe our first round pick (POR) and a second round pick for Rondo? We could absorb his salary with our cap-space. Gives the Cs three first round picks, and almost a blank slate besides Paul Pierce.

2. Trade Wesley Matthews for a 1st rounder

Don't get me wrong, I love Wesley Matthews and I don't think we need to trade him. However, I trade to a team with cap-space for their pick might be consistent with our rebuilding plan (I think having a hard-working role-player like Matthews would be good during a rebuild, but picks in a deep draft are helpful too). Minnesota (pick from Memphis) and Milwaukee are two teams that come to mind.

3. Acquire an Additional 1st Rounder

This is kind of a general statement. Maybe a team like Chicago would be willing to sell us their pick (although that is more difficult than before). Or maybe a package including some combination of our 2nd rounders, young players (like Williams and Smith), and our international guys could get us one mid-late rounder.

4. Move Up

Again, kind of a general idea. Maybe use multiple picks (or players) to move up if there is a guy we really like. For example, if say New Orleans has the 3rd pick and have interest in a player that they could get with our 6th pick and we like a guy that the 4th or 5th team might take. Maybe our pick, a 2nd rounder and cash for theirs. If that even makes sense.

5. Move Down

Maybe we like a guy who is a few spots below where we are picking, and so we trade down to avoid reaching and get more assets.

6. Other

Are there any other players we should look to acquire, perhaps using our combination of draft picks and cap-space? Or a different draft pick trade? Maybe you are one of the few that wants to trade LMA?

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