the 2012 NBA Draft:Special(or not so special) edition

Note: This post is going under the assumption that the Blazers will end up with (their current projecttions) no.7 and no.11 picks in the 2012 NBA draft.

Well I would love to somehow get MKG, T-Rob, or Beal but they are very likely to all be off the board within the first five picks.

A guy that could realistically fall to us is Drummond. I love the Andre Drummond; he would be excellent C to pair next to LMA. Drummond would be my pick if he somehow falls to no.7.

I wouldn't draft either Kendall Marshall, the 6’4 197 pure PG with insane passing skill from UNC or PG/SG 6’2 190 Damien Lilliard, this year’s D-1 leading scorer at no.7 I feel it’s just too high for them and both or at least one could be around when we draft again at no.11, if we really wanted em. At no.7 I'd rather the Blazers go for Andre Drummond and if he is off the board we should look to DPA(Draft Best Player Available) or package the no.7 in a trade.

Others players to look at with no. 7 pick would be

Jeremy Lamb 6’5 SG from UConn and Harrison Barnes 6’8 SF from UNC(if Barnes slips)

I think it is REALLY important that the Blazers don’t reach for someone at no.7 if no one they like is around.A no.7 pick could be a really nice piece to add to a trade.

Onto the no.11

At no.11 I would definetly take Kendall Marshall unless someone really skilled was magically still left on the board(no that’s not Sullinger, he’s already too injury prone) Terrence Jones 6’9 PF from Kentucky (local guy from Portland played at Jefferson HS) would be a convenient pick for the Blazers and Paul Allen being the PA seems to like local NW ballers.

My first round Sleepers:

Tony Wroten 6'5 lefty PG from UW that he could end up being one the better players in this class, hes If he can make a jumpshot his offensive game is virtually unstoppable. Projected to go 15-25.

Arnett Moultrie: 6'10.5 235 PF from Mississippi State: High level athlete, runs the floor like a guard and has an excellent motor.He is also nifty around the basket and is skilled at quick leaping for a rebound and getting the putback.He can fill it up inside and has a nice jumper out to 15 feet.Nice scorer and one of nations leading rebounders for two years in a row. Projected 13-20.

Terrence Ross: 6'6 SG/SF out of UW. Could be another great NBA scorer to come out of the pacific NW.

Hating on: John Henson: I’m drinking the haterade on this one. I think he will be one of the worst picks in the first round of this year’s draft. He will struggle defending and keeping most NBA PF's off the boards as well as in front of him. He has a nice jumper but, I’m skeptical he plays enough to become effective with it. I could be really wrong on this one and no personal dislike for the guy, just my personal, wacky opinion.

2nd round We have 3 PICKS in the 2nd Round. We have the 40th(via HOU:camby trade), 41st. and 49th(via DEN: Felton trade) picks in the 2nd. Nothing to get overly excited about but, at the same time it gives me an excuse to research some lesser-known players that could end up being steals and 2nd round picks can be nice additions to trades as well as good value picks to fill out the bottom spots of the roster.

Here are some nice prospects that could be available in the 2nd.

I really like Scott Machado, the PG from Iona. He is not huge at 6-1. 185 but, he not as slight as the weight may suggest and was a good rebounding Point guard and did everything well in college, nice 3 pointer and is a pure PG. It looks like he could be one of the major steals in the draft, someone a team-like the Spurs would draft and then in two years he becomes a legit rotation player. Not sure he falls far enough for Blazers to draft him in 2nd but if hes availbe we should snag him.

Draymond Green 6’7 250 SF/PF from Michigan State.An excellent athlete, one of the best athletes in the class. Draymond also played football at MSU before devoting himself to BBall. He could have a great NBA career as a useful utility do a little bit of everything type of guy coming off the bench.He can pass a bit, is an excellent rebounder, can defend multiple positions, is quick and agile despite being strong, can defend PF’s successfully due to excellent upper and lower body strength.He will go early in the 2nd if he doesn’t get drafted in the first.

JaMychal Green, 6'9 PF from Alabama has alot of offensive skill facing up at the basket, posting up, and rebounding. Good athleticism but there have been questions about his desire but has put those to rest in the later years of his college career. Id love him in a Blazers uni.

Kevin Jones 6'8 248 PF from West Virgina is a BEAST of a dude. Guy has a great motor. Very aggressive in his takes to the hoop. Finds ways to score in close with variety of power moves and keeps you honest with a solid midrange jumpshot. Despite being listed on some sites at 6'7, he was a great rebounder at the college level due to his strength athleticism and was skilled at snagging the offensive rebound and getting putbacks. He may get picked in late first round or early second but, if he drops to us I would be thrilled.

Drew Gordon 6'9 245 PF from New Mexico and Mike Scott 6'8 237 PF from Virginia and Herb Pope 6;8 261 from Seton Hall are other PF's that could turn out to be bangers in the NBA, all guys that could carve out careers as rotation guys.

I didnt like that many C's in this years draft, especially in the 2nd. Henry Sims a 6'11 257 C for Georgetown could be available but he didnt do much in college and is not a guy with alot of potential. Festus Ezeli from Vandy looks garbage, no offense Festus/Vandy fans. ;)

Good Luck Blazers!!! Here is to hoping the FO signs a GM and then a coach and then knocks this draft out of the park! Cracking my Ninkasi now...

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