My Portland Trail Blazers GM Application

Dear Mr. Allen,

I would like to express interest in applying for the open General Manager position for the Portland Trail Blazers. I feel that I am a strong candidate for the position because of my breadth of experience in all things unrelated to the NBA. I have coached youth sports up to the high school level, I have managed numerous fantasy teams, and I have been a Blazers' fan since as long as I can remember. Also I enjoy playing chess and reading books. I have no experience in an NBA front office, I have never played basketball above a high school level, and I love soccer.

My plan for the team is simple: length, versatility, veteran/youth balance. First in the draft, assuming we have the seventh and eleventh picks in the draft. Ideally, we take Kendall Marshall seventh and Perry Jones with the eleventh. If Kendall Marshall isn't available you look to trade down and pick up Tony Wroten, Jr. If Perry Jones isn't available you Terrence Jones. In the second round you look at Kyle O'Quinn or Jae Crowder. If we can trade for an extra second round pick we draft both of these players.

With our ample cap room we target a center. Everyone is looking at going after Eric Gordon or Goran Dragic, but I think the first target should be JaVale McGee. He is the ideal center to put next to Aldridge. He is a solid defensive center and he finds his own points on offense through put backs and drive and dish dunks. We offer him somewhere in the range of 5 years 55 million to scare denver from matching the bid. If we can't get McGee we target Spencer Hawes, or Jason Thompson. We also try to acquire a PG through free agency. We want to bring in a mentor for Marshall, Jason Kidd or Andre Miller would be ideal. If one of them decides to retire we hire them as a player development coach. If we can't get either of these players we try to acquire Luke Ridnour or Goran Dragic if we still have the money available. Ridnour would be better fit because he can usher Marshall into the starting position in the same way that he did Rubio this season, and he is not going to be a distraction about playing time. Finally, we sign Batum, J.J. Hickson and Joel Pryzbilla to round out our roster.


PG Kendall Marshall, Luke Ridnour, Nolan Smith

SG Nicolas Batum, Wesley Matthews, Elliot Williams

SF Perry Jones, Luke Babbit, Jae Crowder

PF LaMarcus Aldridge, JJ Hickson

C JaVale McGee, Joel Przybilla, Kyle O'Quinn

I have moved Batum to the SG position and have setup Matthews as our sixth man. Batum can swing to SF as needed and Perry Jones can swing to PF. We can absorb injuries to any positon except for PG with lineup.

Thank you for the consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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