Ramon Sessions

I haven't really seen anyone talk about Ramon Sessions as our starting PG next year. I know he has a player option, but it's only for 4.5. I think he would be foolish if he didn't opt out, and look to get more money. At that point, I think we make a run at him. I would go up 9 to 10 a year, and see if the Lakers are willing to match it. He reminds me of a more athletic Terry Porter, and we all know how well that worked out for Rip City.

You also re-sign Batum, Hickson, and Przybilla.

With your PG settled through free agency, you could use the draft to focus on C and a backup SF (sorry Babbitt just doesn't got it). Assuming the Nets pick stays at #7, I say you go with Perry Jones III, and plug him in behind Batum and let him develop his game without the pressure to be "the man." Athletically the kid is a freak, and with the right coaching and mentorship could blossom into an absolute superstar (as the only real question is his motor).

With our pick, at #11 or #12, I think you take Meyers Leonard. I know he is still a bit of a project, but he has an unbelievable frame and athleticism for a 7 footer. You put him next to Przybilla in the locker room, and let the Vanilla Gorilla teach him how to be a pro. After a year of seasoning, he eventually turns into a Przybilla type center, but with more of an offensive game. By his second year he is getting you 10-12 points a night, just off of putbacks and lobs, as well as 12-15 rebounds and 3 blocks. Which is all we really need out of our center.

In the second round you take another big, as you can never have too many, I would go with Robert Sacre out of Gonzaga. You also go after William Buford at SG. I liked his game at Ohio State, and think he is really being overlooked. Both players make the team as third stringers, and after a year of player development, begin to show real signs of being able to contribute.

Nolan Smith benefits from a real off season, and shows that he is capable of being our backup PG. E.Will finally gets real playing time, and turns into our version of James Harden. Someone who can get you points in bunches off of the bench.

Opening Game Lineup:

Matthews/E.Will/William Buford
Batum/Jones III/Babbitt

Your end of game lineup is Sessions/Matthews/Batum/Hickson/Aldridge, as there isn't really a center in this league that Aldridge can't hang with.

What do you think? How much would you give to Sessions to entice him to leave LA, if he opts out?

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