What the Blazers should do?

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking, what the Blazers should do?

The Blazers will have around 20 million dollars to spend on Free agents, and potentially 2 of the top 10 picks on the Draft. With so much money they could potentialy sign two solid players, or one supper star.

First Draft. So if the Ping pongs fall right we would get pick #4-7 from New Jersey. and Pick 1-12 from our own pick, more realistic pick #8-14. We could trade one or both of the picks for a supper star. But thats only if Boston wants to

This one could be possible if the Spurs lose in the first round again.

But then again you dont know if the pick you traded could be the next Jordan, or the next Oden. If the blazers could keep one of the draft picks and trade one of them for a supper star im in. But if there is going to be a drat day trade I would do this:

Portland Gets: Lowry, and the Cavs draft pick. Rockets Get: Smith, Hudson, Portlands draft pick #8-14.Cavs get Matthews, Williams 1 of Portlands 2nd round pick. So on this trade we traded 8.8 million dollars away and get 5.8 million dollars in return. Saving us a grand total of 3 million dollars. Now we would pocess pick #4-7 via New Jersey, and the Cavs draft pick #3-5. First I would call Michael Jordan and Rich Cho, and sah " Hey rich you want picks 4 and 5 for pick # 1" and if they say yes take it.

Who should the Blazers Draft?

1. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

2. Bradley Beal

3. (Drumond) Could be a bust but he has potential.

4. Barnes

5. Lamb

* This is just a list of players they could draft.

Roster before F/A

PG: Lowry


SF: Kidd-Gilchrist, Babbitt

PF: Aldridge, Thomas

C: Drumond

Free Agency: With all our players and signed rookies will will have around 17-18 million dollars to spend

First day contact D-Williams, Eric Gordon, Roy Hibbert, Mcgee, Pacers on sign and trade.

D-Will resigns with the Nets

Offer pacers Sign and trade Hibbert for Batum, if not offer Hibbert a max deal, Pacers will match.

Mcgee attitude problems, Nuggets keep him after amnestying Harrington

Eric Gordon Offer him 4 years 44 million dollar contract. Hornets dont match.

Sign Batum, and JJ Hickson to qualifying Offers.

Sign Vets like : Ben Wallace, Camby, Priz, Reggie Evans, Ian Mahimi, D.J White, Steve Novak, Grant Hill, Jodie Meeks, Tracy Mcgrady. Linsanity, Andre Miller, Jason Kid

New 2012-2013 roster:

PG: Lowry, KId

SG: Gordon, Hill, Novak

SF: Batum, Kidd-Gilchrist

PF: Aldridge, Hickson, Thomas

C: Drumond, Priz, Evans,

If Drumond and Kidd-Gilchrist dont turn into busts we will be contenders for years to come.

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